Who Plays Ned ‘Nick’ Nickerson on ‘Nancy Drew’? Tunji Kasim Gears Up for the CW’s Latest Mystery Series

Things are about to steam up in The CW’s adaptation of Nancy Drew. And no, we’re not hinting at a fresh mystery that’s itching to be solved. The new Nancy Drew will feature a secret romance between the brilliant detective, portrayed by Kennedy McMann, and Ned “Nick” Nickerson, played by Tunji Kasim. So, of course, fans are now dying to know more about the beloved characters brought to life in the new series.

Who is Tunji Kasim from ‘Nancy Drew’?

Kennedy McMann and Tunji Kasim from 'Nancy Drew'
Kennedy McMann and Tunji Kasim from ‘Nancy Drew’ | Amy Sussman/Getty Images

According to The CW’s press release about Kasim, the man who portrays Ned “Nick” Nickerson is a Scottish actor born in Aberdeen. He attended the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland in Glasgow. The actor also performed in a number of theatrical plays. And he starred in productions like Antony & Cleopatra, Much Ado About Nothing, and Royal Shakespeare Company: Love’s Labour’s Lost.

That said, there’s a good chance you haven’t seen Kasim in anything before his debut on Nancy Drew. Per Kasim’s IMDb profile, the actor appeared in Nearly Famous as Joe Bailey. The newcomer also starred in Florence Foster Jenkins with Meryl Streep and Hugh Grant as well as The Kill Team with Alexander Skarsgård.

What you need to know about Ned ‘Nick’ Nickerson in ‘Nancy Drew’

It seems Kasim’s version of Ned Nickerson will be unlike any we’ve seen before. According to Deadline, Kasim’s Nick will be Nancy’s “secret flame.” The character is clouded with mystery. But, the publication revealed Nick is a former high school athlete who almost had a full-ride scholarship to a top university. However, he is now a car mechanic as well as a suspect for murder with Nancy.

When speaking with Entertainment Tonight during Comic-Con, Kasim explained his character. And it looks like the new Nancy Drew‘s Nick is a far cry from the Ned Nickerson fans know.

“He’s got a bit of a past and you kind of find out as you go,” Kasim told ET. “We kind of reimagined Ned Nickerson significantly. And as we go, mysteries will be kind of revealed about what he’s hiding.”

Meanwhile, in an interview with the Daily Bruin, Kasim confirmed the departure between Nick and the Ned from the book series. “[Nick has] grown up in different circumstances, in a different part of the country,” Kasim said. “He probably had more of a working-class upbringing where (Nick) in the books is probably of a more middle-class background.”

What to expect from the new CW series when it premieres

Nancy’s love interest is one of the many things that have matured in the CW’s adaptation. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, executive producer Stephanie Savage explained the key difference between the new series and the original books.

“We definitely wanted to update it by making Nancy into a real 20-year-old, post-high school girl in terms of where she was in her life and relationships,” Savage said.

The EP also touched on the sexual relationship between Nancy and Nick. “It’s definitely a change from the books that she’s not a virgin,” Savage told the publication. “She has a boyfriend and her relationship with him is consensual and grown-up. Some of the fans of the classics may take a second to readjust to that but as soon as you see Kennedy McMann play this character, you will never think that there’s been any other Nancy Drew.”

Nevertheless, Nancy Drew will still be the same girl we all know and love — just a little modernized. When speaking with EW, McMann shared her thoughts on her version of the beloved character.

“She’s just as fearless and empathetic and commanding as she always has been,” the actress shared. “She’d do anything for justice … she was born to solve those mysteries and bring justice to this town.”

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