Who Plays Thor and What’s He Most Famous For?

The actors and actresses who get cast in Marvel films have some seriously large shoes to fill. Not only are they playing superheroes, a tough enough challenge as it is, but they are tasked with bringing humanity and believability to characters that are larger than life.

One actor that seamlessly adjusted to his role is Chris Hemsworth. For nearly ten years, the golden-haired Australian actor has been identified as Thor, the iconic god of thunder. 

How did Hemsworth start acting?

Born in 1983, Hemsworth is part of a family of actors, including younger brother Liam Hemsworth (famous for being married to Miley Cyrus) and older brother Luke Hemsworth. He got his start acting on television, in popular Australian TV shows like Home and Away and Guinevere Jones. Hemsworth got noticed quickly because of his rugged good looks and easygoing nature, and he soon transitioned to bigger-budget movies.

In 2009, Hemsworth landed roles in two American films, A Perfect Getaway and Star Trek. After only a couple years in Hollywood, Hemsworth scored his big break in 2011, in the role that would ultimately define his career. Marvel Studios was in the midst of casting for the upcoming film Thor, which would focus on the headstrong, otherworldly son of Odin. The role called for someone who could combine physicality with believable acting and strong emotion, which made the task of finding the lead actor difficult indeed. 

How did he land the role of Thor?

Hemsworth later detailed how he managed the land the coveted role of Thor. According to Hemsworth, he initially auditioned for the part early on in the casting process and it didn’t go very well. He left the audition thinking that he had definitely lost the opportunity – and then to add insult to injury, his younger brother Liam Hemsworth had also auditioned for the role, and reportedly was being heavily considered. 

With the knowledge in mind that he might lose out on the role of a lifetime, Hemsworth returned for a second audition. This time, he went in with a chip on his shoulder, and he attributes that edge of anger (as well as some expert advice from his younger brother) as the magic ingredient that ultimately landed him the part. Of course, fans now might not be able to imagine anyone else thoroughly embodying the role of Thor quite as Hemsworth does. He has portrayed the character a staggering seven times and will reprise his role an eighth time in Avengers: Endgame, set to be released in May. 

What’s next for Chris Hemsworth?

In addition to the character of Thor, Hemsworth has appeared in a variety of other popular films over the past several years. He’s been in Snow White and the Huntsman, Red Dawn, Rush, In the Heart of the Sea, and Blackhat. He also proved that he has impressive comedic chops when he appeared in the 2015 film Vacation, opposite Ed Helms and Leslie Mann. 

Chris Hemsworth has a couple of big years ahead of him. He will be starring in the new Men in Black spinoff series and was recently announced as the star of a highly-anticipated Hulk Hogan biopic, which he is also helping to produce. Of course, there’s also Avengers: Endgame, which will reportedly shed some light on the fate of Thor, one of the most popular Marvel characters of all time. Although he’s been acting for a relatively short period of time, Chris Hemsworth has managed to make a big impact and to garner thousands of fans around the world. This talented, dynamic actor will surely be around for many years to come.