Who Should Play Batman Next?

It’s one of the most coveted and hotly contested roles in Hollywood – and for the actor who lands the role of Batman, there’s a lot to live up to. Some truly great actors have filled the role of Bruce Wayne/Batman over the years, from Michael Keaton and George Clooney to Christian Bale.

Most recently, Ben Affleck donned the costume of the caped crusader, in the Justice League series of films. Affleck made headlines when he made the very public decision to step away from the character and move on to other projects. While that certainly made some fans happy, most were left wondering what other actors could take up the mantle and play Batman in future films. Here are our picks for great actors who could portray the moody, mysterious hero.

Matt Bomer

He certainly has the right look to play Batman and is physically imposing enough to be convincing as a rough and tumble adventurer.

Matt Bomer has made a name for himself over the years playing a wide variety of roles. He has appeared in popular television shows like Will & Grace, Doom Patrol, and American Horror Story and in big-name films such as The Magnificent Seven, Magic Mike, and Winter’s Tale.

Bomer was born in 1977, and at 41 years of age, is not too old to play Bruce Wayne, a concern that some fans voiced when the casting of Affleck was announced. 

Eric Bana

Eric Bana is definitely no newcomer to the acting game and is widely recognized by fans everywhere for his dark, brooding good looks and appealing nature. He’s also got experience acting in superhero films, and played another hero named Bruce when he starred in 2003’s The Hulk.

Adding fuel to the idea of Bana playing Batman was a popular piece of fan art that started circulating late last year, which depicted Bana as a melancholy Bruce Wayne. Granted, Bana is 50, which is a bit old to start his run as Batman, but is in peak physical shape, and could easily pass for ten years younger. Also, depending on when the Batman saga picks up in the next film series, portraying Bruce Wayne as slightly older might work well for the story. 

Jon Hamm

Hamm is best known for portraying smooth advertising executive Don Draper in the long-running TV show Mad Men, but he is well versed in all genres from comedy to drama. He’s got the right look for Batman – he’s tall, dark, and handsome.

Plus, he’s a proven favorite in the fandom and had lots of people lobbying for him to portray Superman before the 2013 film Man of Steel was cast. While he ultimately lost the part to Henry Cavill, Hamm is beloved by thousands of fans and could be an interesting, offbeat choice for Batman. 

Christian Bale

Although Christian Bale has notoriously said that he’s done playing Batman, his portrayal was certainly one of the most popular of all the film incarnations. Fans loved the moody intensity he brought to the role of Bruce Wayne, and how he single-handedly brought a more serious tone back to a franchise that many felt had gotten too reliant on humor.

Based on Bale’s own admission that he feels as though he’s too old to play Batman, fans can’t count on seeing Bale back in the Batmobile anytime soon. However, this is Hollywood, and in the world of popular film franchises, never say never. 

The race to finalize the next Batman is getting closer and closer to the finish – and regardless of who ends up in the role, it’s certain that the fans will be eagerly dissecting the news from every angle.