‘Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?’ Winner David Chang Has an Unusual Technique for Cooking Eggs

Celebrity chef David Chang recently became the first celebrity in the history of Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? to win the $1 million prize. But despite his international training in cooking schools – as well as some of New York’s most prestigious restaurants – Chang isn’t a big fan of fine dining.

David Chang
David Chang with his parents | Rachel Murray/Getty Images for Netflix

Eggs are his secret weapon in the kitchen, and Change has an unusual technique for cooking them.

David Chang donated his ‘Who Wants to be a Millionaire?’ winnings to restaurant workers

When Chang reached the $500,000 level on Who Wants to be a Millionaire?, host Jimmy Kimmel told him that every celebrity in the show’s history that reached that same point had “walked away.”

But Chang had a lifeline left. And the final question had the Momofuku founder trying to determine who was the first U.S. president to have electricity in the White House.

“This is the most painful, nervous — this is terrifying,” Chang said. “Having a million dollars right now in this moment, is a game changer for many, many families. And yes, half a million is as well — and I want to say ‘No, just take the money!’ — but I’m not.”

When he called his phone-a-friend – ESPN journalist Mina Kimes – she told him that the answer was Benjamin Harrison. Chang listened to her and took a chance, and it resulted in him holding a giant check for $1 million on national television.

According to CNN, Chang always intended to donate his winnings to Southern Smoke Foundation, a crisis relief organization for restaurant workers. After his victory, Chang tweeted that since the government won’t help restaurant workers, he has to do what he can to help out.

The Momofuku founder learned an unusual egg technique Japan

Chang owns the Momofuku Noodle Bar in the East Village in New York. According to The New York Times, he brought some amazing techniques and ideas to his restaurants that he learned from two stints in Japan.

One menu item is a bath-cooked egg – or as it’s known in Japan – onsen tamago. This is an egg poached in a water bath for a long time at a low temperature of 140 degrees.

If done correctly, the result is a tender egg white with a super soft yolk. The egg can be refrigerated in its shell for at least one day. When warmed and cracked, the egg is still perfectly poached.

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“We use this thing everywhere,” Chang said. “It’s an incredible way to add creaminess to almost any dish. And for us it’s even more important, because we don’t do that much in the way of sauces, so we’re always looking for that little extra.”

Chang and his kitchen staff bath-cook a few dozen eggs every day. Then, they feature them in different menu items like soups, salads, and breakfast dishes. At-home cooks who are interested in learning Chang’s method for bath-cooked eggs can find the recipe and directions here. Chang also shares his conventional method for poaching eggs.

David Chang can also easily make eggs in the microwave

When speaking to WNYC in 2009, Chang demonstrated how you can make a yummy breakfast with just random items from the refrigerator. In the video, Chang finds a couple of eggs, some leftover sausage, and two takeout servings of butter from a restaurant in the WNYC kitchen.

He proceeds to coat a coffee cup with one of the butter servings before slicing the sausage up into small pieces. Then, Chang cracks open two eggs and drops them into the coffee cup, along with the sausage pieces and a drop of soy sauce.

After cooking it in the microwave for 30 seconds, Chang loosens the eggs with a fork before dumping them out onto a plate perfectly intact. When he took a bite, the celebrity chef noted, “I think it tastes pretty good.

New episodes of Who Wants to be a Millionaire? air Sunday nights on ABC.