Who Were Captain Sandy’s Most Memorable ‘Below Deck Med’ Charter Guests?

With decades of being a yacht captain under her belt, Captain Sandy Yawn from Below Deck Mediterranean says she’s pretty much seen it all.

She’s been chased by pirates, plus, “Any scenario you can think of has happened in this industry,” she said during Captain Sandy’s Yachtrageous Moments. So while Yawn could offer endless fascinating stories while navigating the Med, she finally let viewers know who were her most memorable charter guests.

Sandy Yawn, Hannah Ferrier, Adam Glick, Bugsy Drake, Lauren Cohen, Malia White, Max Hagley, Bobby Giancola, Wes Walton |Photo by Virginia Sherwood/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

The Below Deck Med crew has had more than enough characters as guests too. But Yawn did her best to narrow down the list to the guests that left the biggest impression on the crew.

Skin and more skin

Mr. Skin and his naked news crew “exposed much more than just the news,” Yawn recounts. Mr. Skin is a site that not only delivers the news but delivers it in the nude. The founder, Jim McBride started the business by spotting nudity in films and listing when famous actresses were naked on his website.

When the Mr. Skin guests were on the yacht, they didn’t hold back. A number of the naked anchors broadcasted from various areas of the yacht. And their lack of clothing was not lost on the crew. “I’m getting a little bit concerned about getting slapped by silicone,” chief stew Hannah Ferrier says.

Of course deckhand Bobby Giancola’s wide eyes didn’t miss a beat. “You can’t just not look,” he exclaims. Mr. Skin said he had a “skin-tastic time” when he left the boat. Plus this group of charter guests seemed to be well liked and well mannered the entire trip. None of the male deckhands were complaining.

And then there was Kenny

Millionaire Kenny Novotny and his group of friends had a few preference sheet requests. Novotny’s main request was that he did not want onions in his food. Pretty simple, but chef Adam Glick seemed flummoxed by this request. He said he wasn’t sure how you could around not adding onions to certain dishes.

So during meal service, Novotny looks at Ferrier and asks if there are onions in his soup. When questioned, Glick lies and says he didn’t put any onions in his soup. Of course, later, Glick fessed up saying, “I thought it was funny.” Yawn…not so much. “It’s almost like psychotic,” Yawn said.

While she could have canned Glick for what could have been a pretty serious offense (especially if Novotny had an allergy to onions), she gave him a chance to redeem himself–with the same charter guest the next season. Glick came through with shining colors. No onions, plus Glick allowed Novotny to playfully toss him into the ocean too.

But this was seriously nuts

However, it was the first group of charter guests who took the “nuts.” Yawn says, “The one group of guests I won’t forget was Nichelle and her friends.” Yawn says 20 minutes with these ladies and she and the crew knew this would be the longest charter of their lives.

Why? Out of the gate, the women demanded to be served some nuts. Which would be fine but they were at a boiling point when the nuts were not delivered within minutes upon their arrival.

The women also complained endlessly about their five-star, white glove service and accommodations. Literally, nothing would make them happy. In fact, when Glick served their meal in a bowl, that blew one of the guest’s mind. “Why is it in a bowl,” she asked looking disgusted. “My dog eats food like this. This looks like slop.” Also, the guests changed their mind mid-charter about their preference sheet, while of course not informing the crew. In the end, Nichelle asserted that the crew should have paid closer attention to their preference sheet. “Get the f*ck off my yacht,” Glick said in a confessional interview. Indeed Adam, indeed.

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