Who Will Owen Wilson Play in Disney+’s ‘Loki’: Head of Temporal Law Enforcement?

Owen Wilson — known largely for his work in the comedic space — will join the Disney+ show Loki, focusing on Tom Hiddleston’s God of Mischief. When news first broke concerning this casting announcements, many Marvel enthusiasts expressed shock and intrigue, as Wilson’s portfolio doesn’t exactly align with the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s shtick. So, who is Owen Wilson going to play, and to what extent will his character impact the show and the future of the landscape? Will Wilson go onto appear in MCU movies as well? 

Owen Wilson Loki
Owen Wilson | Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

According to a recent leak by We Got This Covered, Owen Wilson’s character has been revealed, and he will have quite the responsibility weighing on his shoulders, as he comes to confront Loki — a man capable of manipulating, deceiving, and outsmarting even the wisest of agents and operatives.

Owen Wilson will reportedly portray Justice Peace in ‘Loki’  

We Got This Covered recently reported — relying on the same sources who knew John Cena was playing Vin Diesel’s brother in Fast and Furious 9 and that a special someone would be revealed as a traitor in Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker — that Owen Wilson will play Justice Peace in Loki. 

Justice Peace will be in charge of the Temporal Law Enforcement Department. He will feature as a “time-hopping mercenary hired by the Time Variance Authority” to keep instances of time manipulation in check. Loki will be manipulating time via his Endgame disappearance — taking place immediately after he grabs the Tesseract and proceeds to wreak havoc, as all would expect. Thus, the presence such a character seems plausible in the story.

That Endgame scene happens in the past — before Loki grows into the character who, at times, feels motivated to do the right thing (and comes to fight for the right side). So, Hiddleston will be the Loki we all deeply love and appreciate, even though he’s just so bad! So, who is Justice Peace, and what do you need to know about the character’s history in the Marvel comics? 

Who is Justice Peace, and how could he influence the MCU post-‘Loki?’ 

As Marvel.Fandom notes, Justice Peace hails from a possible future and works for the Time Variance Authority. The Time Variance Authority is an immense bureaucracy that governs a number of realities in the multiverse. In short, they make sure that time and reality aren’t manipulated to an irreversible and damaging extent. 

In the future Justice Peace lives in, crime is minimized due to genetic encoding. One of Justice Peace’s most famous missions is intimately connected to the Fantastic Four. He was sent by Mobius M. Mobius with a unit of Minute Men to stop Reed Richards (Mr. Fantastic) and Doctor Doom from using the Null Time Sequencer. 

In other words, while Loki may serve as Owen Wilson’s introduction, and the first appearance of the Time Variance Authority, he may appear down the line when the Fantastic Four joins the MCU. Considering Doom has been rumored for a major role in the universe, it goes without saying that this narrative could come to fruition. So, is Owen Wilson sticking around? All remains to be seen, but for now, expect him to get in the way of Loki’s plans when the Disney+ show hits the streaming platform.