Whoopi Goldberg and Meghan McCain Suggest Everyone ‘Calm Down’ After Blowup on ‘The View’

A day after Whoopi Goldberg had fans of The View cheering her rough handling of Meghan McCain on the air, the moderator suggested everyone watching “calm down.” Comparing the panel of ladies to “a family,” Whoopi assured viewers the co-hosts were not out to get one another.

At the same time, Whoopi acknowledged that “things get heated” and that sometimes they’re “not as polite as we could be.” That was a product of the co-hosts on the show being passionate about their jobs, she said.

After her remarks, Whoopi ceded the floor to McCain, who backed up what Whoopi said. “Whoopi and I get along great,” McCain said. “I love you very much — I’ve loved you for a long time,” she added, addressing Whoopi directly. (Whoopi simply nodded.)

McCain also suggested everyone watching “calm down.” At the same time, neither Whoopi nor McCain apologized for what happened a day earlier.

Whoopi and McCain didn’t apologize to one another on the air

THE VIEW – 10/14/19 Ronan Farrow is the guest today on ABC “The View.” | Lou Rocco/ABC via Getty Images

While Whoopi opened the show with what she called a “cleanup” of the December 16 fracas, she wasn’t offering an apology to McCain. “This is our gig,” Whoopi explained. “It’s a TV show and we’re on together for an hour.” She said it’s what happens when families have a moment.

Whoopi did acknowledge that the co-hosts occasionally “step in poopy” and that “stuff happens.” If you’re a fan of Whoopi, there were no surprises in her remarks (including the lack of an apology). She was doing her job, after all.

McCain, who took to Twitter after the December 16 show to say “the culture war is real,” also didn’t apologize for her reaction after the fact. “It’s all good,” McCain said. (She noted that she and Whoopi chatted before the show.)

While she had the floor, McCain spoke of how she believed the coverage of the show was sexist. “I think the media blowing it up … I just don’t think it would happen with men.”

Whoopi: ‘It’s probably gonna happen again’

Michael Fishman and Lecy Goranson and former View co-host Jedediah Bila are the guests today, Wednesday, 10/17/18. | Lou Rocco/Walt Disney Television via Getty Images

While acknowledging she and her co-hosts stepped in a bit of it the day before, Whoopi challenged viewers and critics to pretend it doesn’t happen in their lives. “You’re gonna be dealing with the same thing when you sit around your table with your family and you don’t agree,” she said.

Whoopi also took the opportunity to address some of the media coverage. “This is not an indication that women can’t sit around and talk,” she said. “This is not an indication that we don’t know how to deal with each other on camera … this is happening in real time.”

Whoopi also noted how The View was having conversations other political and talk shows didn’t want to have. And she wanted to prepare viewers for what’s to come. “The bottom line is, it’s gonna happen,” she said of the heated moment the day before. “And it’s probably gonna happen again. Just saying.”

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