Whoopi Goldberg Loves Bacon: ‘The View’ Co-Host Makes Rare Twitter Statement to Blast PETA

Whoopi Goldberg is the den mother of The View. The EGOT legend is no stranger to controversy and was recently singled out by PETA. Defending herself from criticism, the actress took to Twitter to make a statement to clear everything up.

Whoopi Goldberg
Whoopi Goldberg | Paul R. Giunta/Getty Images

What did Whoopi Goldberg say that upset PETA?

The animal rights organization called out Goldberg for a remark she made on the show that aired on Friday, October 11. In that particular episode, the ladies were talking about a vegan person that called the police when her friends tricked her into eating chicken nuggets.

Sunny Hostin brought up that she loves the vegan patties production has for the crew “only once a week.” The former prosecutor said “it’s not fair because they are delicious.”

Cameras were able to catch Goldberg giving a side-eye throughout Hostin’s explanation on how to make them taste even better.

“How old do I look to you?” Goldberg asked Hostin. “I don’t want that. I don’t want it [and] I don’t like it. What I don’t want is no choice.”

“I like bacon,” she continued. “I know I’m not supposed to, I know it’s the scum of the Earth. I want the bacon, I like the bacon… you don’t have to eat it.”

Goldberg continued saying she doesn’t ask anybody else to eath what she eats and she doesn’t want other people imposing on her what she needs to eat.

“No one should tell you that you can’t have something. If you’re going to serve it, serve it and make sure everybody who’s culinary tastes are not yours gets an opportunity,” she added.

When Hostin interjected and said the vegan patties were only served on Friday’s she made a huge revelation.

“I don’t care when you have it. That’s why I don’t come here on Friday. “That’s why I don’t come here on Friday’s because of this,” she said while point at the patties.

“Now, some people might feel that I’m a little angry. Maybe I am [because] I haven’t had any pork so I had to eat this vegetable-grown grass,” she ended.

Whoopi Goldberg reacts to PETA’s criticism

As a result of the segment on The View, PETA took a jab at Goldberg on Twitter for her remarks on the show. The tweet contained a video of a piglet distressed and suffering.

“We can’t help but call out Whoopi Goldberg for her rant on The View over… bacon,” PETA’s tweet read. “Really, Whoopi? Eating bacon is your Friday cause? Your ‘choice’ really hurts. Be kind.”

The clip also contained Goldberg’s quote from the show and the following bit: “Whoopi’s triggered fit over vegan meat on The View demonstrates a complete lack of compassion.”

In a follow-up tweet, PETA gave props to Hostin for promoting vegan meat.

“Thank you Sunny for being a friend to animals and promoting vegan meat,” the tweet read. “Those veggie sausages looked delicious. Keep the pressure on your meat-eating co-hosts.”

Days later, Goldberg took to the micro-blogging network and defended her stance on eating bacon. Her statement was a rarity as she usually doesn’t comment on the backlash she receives online for other opinions.

“Hey, I understand PETA is making a fuss because I like bacon,” Goldberg tweeted. “I never said I was vegan and just like I want my choice over my body, I want the same [for] what goes into my body. I would never suggest that anyone pressure [anyone] of you [to] change your vegan habits. Go eat a couch if you want.”

A Twitter user replied saying they found her reaction to Sunny the “most disturbing” and her response a “complete overreaction.”

“Really? You really didn’t get Sunny and I having fun? Get a sense of humor. I’m never there [on] Friday’s. We were having a laugh WTF,” Goldberg replied.

Goldberg has been around the block a few times and has done it all. She knows what she likes and does what she wants. From her replies on Twitter, she also still knows how to throw it down to defend her views.