Whoopi Goldberg Had to Remind Abby Huntsman Not to Quit Her Day Job on ‘The View’

If you watch The View, you’re aware of the attention Meghan McCain draws to herself on a regular basis. Whether she’s feuding with Joy Behar or getting schooled by Stacey Abrams, McCain is frequently the lightning rod of the show.

That’s taken some pressure off of Abby Huntsman, the more low-profile conservative at the table. With eight months on The View under her belt, Huntsman has neither wowed with her political commentary nor won over many with her personality.

On certain days, her brand of bland centrism can grate on the nerves of her co-hosts (not to mention the show’s audience). The situation came to a bit of a head on April 24. With McCain out for the day, Huntsman tried out some more unconvincing talking-points on the Robert Mueller investigation.

When she said Donald Trump could use Mueller’s findings to taunt the media at the White House Correspondents Association dinner (comedy!), Whoopi Goldberg did what she does best — she shut down Huntsman’s weak bit with a zinger.

Whoopi: Huntsman’a idea would tank ‘because that’s not funny.’

THE VIEW – Thursday, November 8, 2018 on ABC. | Lorenzo Bevilaqua/ABC via Getty Images

Huntsman had a revealing monologue in the run-up to Whoopi taking back the conversation. The daughter of the U.S. Ambassador to Russia lamented the fact the press and the White House staff wouldn’t have a night to “let your hair down” and “have some drinks” together.

Moreover, she thought Trump had a great chance to get the media’s goat. “The president’s got material to use,” Huntsman said. “All you gotta do is play a 10-minute clip of every commentator that came out saying he’s a Russian spy … Then walk out on stage and say, ‘I’m still here.'”

“Here’s why that’s not gonna work,” Whoopi said. “That’s not funny.” As Joy and Sunny Hostin started laughing along with the audience, Huntsman tried to dig her way out of pitching a bad bit to comedians. “He could make it funny,” she said.

“No, this man has no sense of humor,” Whoopi answered, taking the conversation in a new direction.

Huntsman’s wild claims about the WHCA dinner and how government investigations work

THE VIEW – 4/3/19 Chelsea Clinton is the guest and “The View” throws a baby shower for Abby Huntsman today. | Lorenzo Bevilaqua/ABC via Getty Images

Besides being a bad premise for jokes at a roast, Huntsman’s line about giving it to the press corps included some major assumptions. First of all, how many of the White House correspondents who’d be in that room said Trump was “a Russian spy”?

How many have regretted their verified reporting on Michael Cohen, Paul Manafort, and other members of Trump’s circle who’ve pleaded guilt or been convicted of crimes? None would regret any of it. (They have no reason to.)

By saying fringe Twitter personalities and other outliers are the same as the journalists who did great work on the Russia investigation, Huntsman does everyone a disservice.

Meanwhile, she’s proven repeatedly she doesn’t understand how investigations into sitting presidents work. Since Mueller followed guidance that you can’t indict someone occupying the White House, his investigation was never going to end with Trump dragged out in handcuffs.

You’d think a political commentator (and former WHCA dinner attendee) would know this stuff. But that’s Abby Huntsman’s weakness — and one of the weak links of The View.

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