Whose Idea Was the Disappointing ‘Game of Thrones’ Series Finale?

Does the disappointing ending to Game of Thrones have you wondering who’s to blame? You’re not alone.

Writers have to take the brunt of criticism more than anybody when it comes to fictional projects, considering the writing is 75% of what makes a project work. Sometimes even directors and producers can’t make something work if the script idea is subpar and the crew has to work with what they have.

Game of Thrones may end up being one of the biggest examples of this where the idea for the show’s finale ultimately fizzled with some fans. It might have even persuaded George R.R. Martin to create a different ending to his “upcoming” final books.

Who was it really that came up with the Game of Thrones finale idea? You’ll be surprised the HBO show is possibly more canon than fans think.

Was George R.R. Martin more involved with the show than we knew?

George R.R. Martin
George R.R. Martin | Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic

It’s safe to say Game of Thrones showrunners David Benioff and Dan Weiss will always take the brunt of the blame for the finale, even if it wasn’t a complete tidal wave of condemnation. According to many polls, there were just as many who thought the finale was satisfying as those who hated it.

What we didn’t know was that Benioff and Weiss were apparently working with Martin behind closed doors. Recently, Isaac Hempstead Wright (who played Bran) revealed Martin was the one who conceived the idea of Bran becoming King, plus the Hodor revelation. 

Whether he was working directly with the writing team or not, the writers appeared to have asked Martin point-blank about what he had in mind. Now we know the HBO show wasn’t necessarily veering off in its own direction.

So what does this say about Martin’s upcoming books? Perhaps he worked deliberately with Game of Thrones writers so he could end his books differently.

George R.R. Martin keeps hinting the books will end slightly differently from the show

The ambivalence of Martin’s comments about his books has been a little confusing for fans. At first, he said the endings of the show and the book would be fairly similar. Then, after the show finale aired, he said his book ending would be mostly different after all.

Other times he’s said “yes and no” on ending similarities. Maybe what he really means is we’ll still see Bran becoming King, with different sideline plot developments. Part of this involves several characters in his books who were not in the series.

Yes, this might even mean repairing some of the plot elements fans hated the most like Daenerys dying and her body being whisked off by Drogon to points unknown. The same goes with Arya heading off West of Westeros when so many wanted her to be rewarded for killing the Night King.

Martin’s original intention was maybe to link his books with the show all along to create a semi-canonical element.

Preventing ‘Game of Thrones‘ fans from having their own Battle of Winterfell

You’ll still find many fans of Martin’s books who hated the series and vice versa. Others loved both, yet find it infuriating Martin may never finish his books in his lifetime.

Some hints are out there he might finish them eventually, maybe in a year or two. By then, the HBO prequel will be out and don’t discount an idea of a sequel down the road either.

No doubt Martin knew a major divide with fans was possible, creating a potential social media argument in the process. Almost like Jon Snow or Bran himself, he’s probably attempting peace by placing his stamp on the HBO show as well.

Fans knowing he helped shape the finale will make the book endings arguably more satisfying. More so, it gives proof Martin was able to control his own creation without it being shaped by others outside his own imagination.