Whose Kids Have a Higher Net Worth: Bill Gates’ or Steve Jobs’?

There are few better things in this world than being born into money. You basically come out of the womb with a leg up in the world. But being born with a silver spoon in your mouth doesn’t necessarily equate to long term success. There are many rich kids who grow up to squander their parents’ wealth. Whether you multiply the money your parents give you or lose it largely depends on the relationship that they taught you to have with money.

Bill Gates
Bill Gates | Nicolas Liponne/NurPhoto via Getty Images

For instance, Bill Gates, one of the richest men in the world goes to great lengths to ensure that his children know the value of a dollar. Steve Jobs, on the other hand, didn’t spend much time with his children.

So, whose kids are better prepared for life? Whose have a higher net worth?

Bill Gates’ kids’ net worths

Phoebe Adele Gates is Bill’s youngest daughter. The 16-year-old is currently worth $10 million. Though she has a lot of money, she is certainly not spoiled. Like the rest of her siblings, Bill tried to instill a sense of discipline in Phoebe. She was not allowed to use a cell phone until she was 14.

“We don’t have cell phones at the table when we are having a meal, we didn’t give our kids cell phones until they were 14 and they complained other kids got them earlier,” Bill told once told Mirror.

Phoebe Adele Gates, Bill Gates, and Melinda Gates
Phoebe Adele Gates, Bill Gates, and Melinda Gates | Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images for Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

Jennifer Katharine Gates is Bill’s oldest daughter. The 21-year-old is currently attending Stanford University. Steve’s daughter Eve actually attends the same school. Jennifer is most known for all of her equestrian accolades. She won the $100,000 USEF U25 National Championship competition in Lexington, Kentucky and also won first place in the U.S. Open Hollow Creek Garm Under 25 Grand Prix. She is said to be worth $20 million.

Rory John Gates is Bill’s only son. The 20-year-old rarely makes public appearances or does interviews. He is said to be worth $20 million.

Steve Jobs’ kids

Lisa Brennan-Jobs is Steve’s oldest child. The two had a rocky relationship but according to Fortune, he left his daughter a multi-million dollar inheritance. Her exact net worth is unknown.

Reed Jobs is the first child born to Laurene Powell Jobs and Steve. Not much is known about the 28-year-old.

Erin Siena Jobs is the second child of Steve and Powell Jobs. She grew up with her older brother Reed and younger sister, Eve. The 24-year-old mostly stays out of the limelight.

 Eve Jobs,
Eve Jobs | LUKA GONZALES/AFP/Getty Images

Steve’s youngest daughter, Eve, is a student at Stanford University. The 19-year-old also spends her time competing in equestrian events. She won the CSI 3 Grand Prix at the Split Rock Jumping Tour in Lexington, Kentucky, and the $100,000 Reliable Rentals Grand Prix.

The net worths of Steve’s kids with Powell Jobs aren’t known but when he died, Powell Jobs inherited his money, bringing her to a net worth of $21.9 billion, according to Forbes.

It is unclear how she has divided that money among her children or whether she has given any of it to Steve’s first child, Lisa.

But no matter how she has split up the inheritance, Steve’s children come out with a higher net worth than Bill Gates’.