Why a Deadpool/Wolverine Movie Makes a Whole Lot of Sense

Deadpool and Wolverine - Marvel Comics

Deadpool and Wolverine | Marvel Comics

While X-Men: Apocalypse was something of a disappointment, it wasn’t all bad for 20th Century Fox’s mutant-verse in 2016. Deadpool ended up becoming a runaway hit, as the highest grossing film in the entire franchise’s 16-year history. In the wake of its success, we’ve seen a score of changes rippling throughout Hollywood, as studios have begun to realize the potential of R-rated superhero stories. What the future holds for Deadpool is unclear, but if Ryan Reynolds had it his way, it’d have a whole lot of Hugh Jackman as Wolverine.

A recent report from Entertainment Weekly cites statements straight from Reynolds himself. “I want Deapdool and Wolverine in a movie together,” he told Entertainment Weekly. “What we’re gonna have to do is convince Hugh. If anything, I’m going to need to do what I can to get my internet friends back on board to help rally another cause down the line.”

Looking at the history of the two characters, as well as the potential of a cinematic team-up, it’s not hard to see why this absolutely needs to happen. Here’s why.

1. Deadpool and Wolverine’s comic book history

Deadpool and Wolverine - Marvel Comics

Deadpool and Wolverine| Marvel Comics

As two mutants who share the same healing abilities, there’s a good deal of crossover appeal between Deadpool and Wolverine. Marvel has traditionally been all too aware of this, often throwing them into single story arcs together. Sometimes, they go head-to-head in a battle of indestructible healing mutants. In other comics, they team up together against a common foe. The one consistent thread though relates to how Deadpool’s irreverence plays off of Wolverine’s decidedly more seriously demeanor, and more often than not, it makes for the perfect combination of characters.

2. Deadpool already laid the hilarious groundwork


Deadpool | 20th Century Fox

Many of the jokes we saw in Deadpool were in line with the film’s source material. The comics are known for their penchant for breaking the fourth wall, honing in on a self-referential sense of humor. Director Tim Miller, Ryan Reynolds, and the rest of the movie’s creative team translated that onto the big-screen beautifully.

One particular running gag throughout the story involved making fun of Hugh Jackman, who, in the context of the shared X-Men universe, is known for his iconic performance as Wolverine. That being so, the comedic potential of actually having the man himself in a Deadpool/Wolverine team-up movie is damn near sky high.

3. This is good for the long-term survival of the franchise

Deadpool - 20th Century Fox

Deadpool | 20th Century Fox

Hollywood has demonstrated a propensity for taking awesome ideas, and squeezing the ever-loving life out of them until there’s nothing left but sadness and disappointment. When it’s all about the bottom line, no one’s going to stand up and say, “Hey, let’s quit while we’re ahead and stop making these movies.” That puts Deadpool in a precarious situation. 20th Century Fox finally has their proverbial golden goose, and eventually, it’s going to get hard to stretch it out indefinitely.

Thankfully, we haven’t reached that point yet. The fact that the Cable & Deadpool comic series will form the basis for the movie franchise’s second installment gives Fox plenty of material to work with … for now. Eventually they’re going to need some new ideas, and that’s where Wolverine comes in. What better way to keep Deadpool relevant long-term than by bringing in the X-Men franchise’s central character?

4. If there was ever a reason to bring Hugh Jackman out of superhero retirement, this is it

Logan and X-23

Logan | 20th Century Fox

Hugh Jackman has been a part of the X-Men franchise for over a decade-and-a-half. That said, no one can blame him for wanting to make Logan his final performance as Wolverine. In many ways, it’s also time for the X-Men saga to move on thematically, having used him as the central character since the first film released back in 2000. But bringing him back for a Deadpool team-up would be a notable exception to that need.

First off, Deadpool‘s connection to the main X-Men story isn’t significant, with the exception of a couple side characters along the way. Most significantly though, it would be the perfect opportunity for Hugh Jackman’s final bow, especially after what promises to be a fairly grim exit in LoganFrom here, it’s just up to Ryan Reynolds’s persuasive abilities to make it happen.

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