Why a Fan Once Gave ‘Long Island Medium’ Theresa Caputo the Middle Finger at a Live Show

There are plenty of celebrity psychics nowadays, but Theresa Caputo from Long Island Medium still stands as a fan favorite. From her big hair to her long nails to her iconic Long Island accent, Caputo is known for stopping strangers in the grocery store and on the streets to tell them that a dead loved one is attempting to communicate to them through her. And judging from her TLC show, her gift is truly incredible and helpful to many.

Unfortunately, not everyone who witnesses Caputo’s alleged gift is impressed. According to one fan who saw her show, another attendee gave Caputo the middle finger — and the medium certainly wasn’t happy about it.

Theresa Caputo maintains that she truly is gifted at speaking with the dead

TV personality Theresa Caputo
TV personality Theresa Caputo | Bennett Raglin/Getty Images for Extra

Caputo has many skeptics, though she’s always maintained that she truly does have a gift when it comes to channeling the dead. She explains on her website that it all began when she was just 4 years old. Caputo heard spirits as a child and it eventually got in the way of her life when she was in her 20s. After visiting a spiritual healer, she was able to get a better grasp of her abilities as a medium, and she understood from there that she really did have a gift that could help others.

Despite the skeptics and the anxiety her medium abilities have given her in the past, Caputo mentions on her site that she hopes her gifts can bring others some sense of peace and happiness. “My wish for everyone I meet is that Spirit gives them a message that brings them the most peace at that moment,” she wrote. For that reason, she goes on tours to share her gift to a live audience, and those wishing to channel spirits with her one-on-one can do so by scheduling individual appointments.

A personal account describes how an audience member gave Caputo the middle finger during a show

Not only does Caputo love to share her alleged gift, but she’s also an amazing entertainer. According to Jessica Remo, a writer for NJ.com who saw Caputo at her live show, the medium is incredible when it comes to keeping her audience engaged with what’s going on during the program. Unfortunately, Remo mentions in her account that Caputo often missed the mark when it came to actually channeling dead loved ones — and this seemed to rub one audience member the wrong way.

According to Remo, Caputo was asking the audience about a “murder where evidence was mysteriously moved,” and a member of the audience several tiers above Caputo started shouting at the medium that the spirit was “up here!” Caputo tried to laugh off the incident, but the woman kept being disruptive to the medium and to the live show. Caputo then scolded the interrupter for being distracting, and “that’s when the woman flipped her off.”

That’s when Caputo lost her cool, too. According to Remo, Caputo then shouted, “She just gave me the finger! Get the f*** out! Get her the f*** out!” The woman was then escorted out after, and Caputo quipped, “See, God don’t like ugly.”

Many others suspect she’s a sham

We’re not sure how often Caputo gets heckled by her crowds, but many have called her out in the past for suspecting she’s a sham. When she visited the Windy City Live talk show, fans noticed she missed the mark again and again with her readings. As one viewer commented, “Love when ‘mediums’ go on live talk shows because they have no control over the final edit. This is pathetic. She’s a terrible cold reader.”

And Caputo was slammed after she visited The Ellen DeGeneres Show, too. Caputo read audience member Pamela Weinstein, and after the fact, Weinstein said, “The reading wasn’t anything close to what my son would have wanted me to hear. It did not offer closure at all.”

Whether Caputo really does have a gift or not, there’s no doubt she’s compelling and fun to watch — and we’re all hoping we’ll see more of her on Long Island Medium in the future.

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