Why a Police Call to Blac Chyna’s House Has the Kardashians Concerned about Rob

When you get into a relationship, you and your partner’s lives become intertwined. So much so, that sometimes, even when you break up, you can’t escape the other person’s drama.

No one knows this more than Rob Kardashian and his former fiance Blac Chyna.

So, when the police were called to Chyna’s house, the Kardashians were immediately concerned about their brother.


The Police Call

On Sunday, the Los Angeles Police Department received a call about a disturbance at Chyna’s home. The person calling claimed that Chyna was too intoxicated to care for her and Kardashian’s baby, Dream, according to reports from TMZ.

Responding to the call, the police showed up at Chyna’s home around 6:40 pm. While there, they did not find any evidence of a crime. Because there was no crime being committed, police did not release the names of the other people who were in the home with Chyna.

The same report also indicated that earlier that day Chyna had gotten into a fight with her makeup artist, which could have been the reason that a call was made.



A Second Call

Police were called back to Chyna’s home on Monday, according to PEOPLE. This time, they were responding to a call requesting a civil standby, which means that they were asked there to keep the peace.

Reports from TMZ state that the makeup artist arrived at Chyna’s house with the police officers to gather her things from the day before.

Why the Kardashian Sisters are Concerned

Kardashian and Chyna did not have the easiest relationship. And no one was more aware of this than his sisters.

“They always knew that Chyna wasn’t good for Rob and they’re just trying to keep him focused on his family, and not on his ex,” a source close to the family told PEOPLE.

“They are aware of what she does, and they obviously are not happy to hear that she’s getting in fights or acting negatively.”

The family all agrees that Dream is the real priority in the midst of all the drama.

“They mostly care about what’s in Dream’s best interest, and in Rob’s,” the source continued.



The Relationship

Chyna and Kardashian made their relationship official in January 2016. The couple went public by posting each other on Instagram.

Only a month after they publicly started dating, engagement rumors started swirling as Chyna was seen with a huge engagement ring on her finger.

Shortly after Chyna began wearing the ring, the couple appeared to have broken up and deleted each other from their Instagram accounts.

In April of that same year, the two reunited and announced their engagement.

As if their bond couldn’t get any stronger, in May, Chyna and Kardashian announced that they were expecting a baby. Dream was born in November of that year.

Prior to having Dream, the couple had gotten into several arguments here and there, but their disagreements only seemed to multiply once the baby was born.

In December of 2016, Chyna moved out of Kardashian’s home and took Dream with her. From that point on, the couple was on and off again before finally calling it quits in mid-2017.

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