Why Abby Lee Miller From ‘Dance Moms’ Says She’s Still Single

Viewers originally started watching Dance Moms to see the inner workings Abby Lee Miller’s dance company — and few expected it to be as dramatic as it was. Over the years, not only did fans get to witness incredible talent from rising young dance stars, but they also got to see feuds between Abby and the mothers of the young dancers. Despite the drama, there have been many talented dancers who have risen to fame under Abby’s tutelage.

From the drama on the show to Abby’s stint in jail and health scares, we’ve been seeing the star bounce in and out of the media for years. And now many are wondering if she’s single. Here’s what she’s said about why she’s without a romantic partner.

Abby has never married and has no kids of her own

She may have a serious tough-love approach to her teaching, but there’s no doubt that Abby loves turning her pupils into star dancers. She’s never been married or had kids of her own, HuffPost notes, and part of that reason is because she’s devoted so much of her time to her studio and Dance Moms. She reportedly was only taking one evening off per week while doing the show to go to “the local movie theater for an hour and a half where I can escape into someone else’s story,” she said. Otherwise, she was right with the kids teaching them how to be the best they can be. “I wanted the red carpet for my kids, the Emmys, the Oscars,” she continued.

From the look of Dance Moms, Abby is incredibly strict — but she’s assured that there’s plenty of fun the viewers don’t see. “What you don’t see on the show is the laughter,” she said. “The kids and I are united, and we’re laughing all the time at the producers.” She’s also mentioned that she’s softened up in recent years compared to how she used to be — but she always had the kids’ best interests in mind. “Before, I was really mean at 4.30pm, 5.30pm, but at 8.30pm, I’d say something nice so that was the last thing they remembered when they got in the car and went home,” Abby said.

She’s claimed she’s still single for this reason

Not only is Abby still single, but it’s difficult to track her dating history in any capacity, which leads many to believe she’s been single for the majority of her professional career. Aside from her busyness with Dance Moms, it seems she has her own reasons as to why this may be. During an interview with Entertainment Tonight, she explained, “My problem is my standards are too high. I have really high standards and in my mind, I’m young — I’m like 22, 23, 24 … that’s like the age.”

In addition to that, she also mentioned that it would be nice to have a partner by her side. Abby also told the publication, “You know, I make decisions all day, so it’s nice for a woman like me to go to dinner and have the man take the menu and say, ‘Let me order.’ … I want someone to rub my feet without being asked.”

Her kids seem to want her to date

Abby’s relationship with her dance students seems to vary greatly. While some of her more famous kids, like Maddie Ziegler, allegedly no longer speak to her, others that have achieved fame, like JoJo Siwa, love her. All in all, there does seem to be a common theme — and that’s respect for her tough, direct demeanor.

The kids do want her to loosen up every once in awhile, however — and it seems they’re also open to the idea of her dating. HuffPost reminds us of the time years ago when they surprised Abby by setting her up with speed dating. Abby actually went along with it, too, and she was openly flirting with a few of the men. While no long-lasting love connections came of it, it did seem to de-stress the high-strung dance teacher. Perhaps in the future she’ll even give it another shot.

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