Why Are Christian Bale and Amy Adams so Underrated as a Couple?

Over the years, Hollywood has seen a number of great actor and actress pairings on screen. From Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers to Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall, every generation has that one couple that not only has great chemistry but whom audiences turn out to see in droves.

A combination that critics seem to agree on is Christian Bale and Amy Adams. The two have been matched up in several films over the years, and seem to have captured lightning in a bottle.

What was the first movie they starred in together?

In 2010, Christian Bale and Amy Adams joined forces to star in The Fighter. This dramatic film focused on the life of professional boxer Mickey Ward, played in the movie by Mark Wahlberg, and his brother, played by Bale. Amy Adams played Ward’s wife, Charlene Fleming. The movie was a huge critical success and was nominated for a total of seven Academy Awards, including Best Supporting Actor for Christian Bale and Best Supporting Actress for both Amy Adams and Melissa Leo, who played the matriarch of the family. 

Bale won his nomination for Best Supporting Actor and Leo scooped up the award for Best Supporting Actress, in a stunning Oscars night to remember. The film did more than introduce the real-life story of a struggling boxer to the world – it kickstarted the first of three incredible films that would star Christian Bale and Amy Adams.

What other films have they been in?

American Hustle is a 2013 movie set in the glamorous, seedy world of the 70s. Focusing around two con artists, portrayed by Christian Bale and Amy Adams, this film was also very well-received by both critics and audiences alike. Bale and Adams got to work with an incredible cast, including Bradley Cooper, Jennifer Lawrence, Jeremy Renner, and Jack Huston. However, it was Bale and Adams that really stood out, with both actors completely immersing themselves in their characters, even to the point of dramatically changing their appearance.

While the critics took notice, and American Hustle was nominated for ten Academy Awards that year, including Best Actor for Bale and Best Actress for Adams, it didn’t win in any of the categories that it was nominated in. This was widely regarded as robbery, especially in light of Bale’s incredible performance, for which he gained over forty pounds and affected a slouch, which resulted in damage to his back. 

The latest co-starring effort for Amy Adams and Christian Bale is the 2018 film Vice, in which Bale portrays former Vice President Dick Cheney. Again playing Bale’s partner, this time acting as Lynne Cheney, Amy Adams delivered a believable performance. Once again, the co-stars were nominated for Best Actor and Best Actress, and once again, went home empty-handed. 

Why aren’t Bale and Adams more widely recognized?

While the two movie stars have received wide critical acclaim, and are two of the most bankable people in Hollywood, few seem to recognize how powerful they are when paired together. All three times that they have worked together, the resulting film has been considered one of the best of that year, yet people rarely speak of them in the same sentence.

Perhaps one reason for the oversight is that there’s no chance of Bale and Adams being romantically involved. Fans seem to prefer their stars with a side of juicy drama, and both Bale and Adams are happily married, in long-term relationships with their respective partners. One thing’s for certain – when these two talented stars share the screen, film buffs and critics everywhere sit up and take notice.