Why Are Fans Calling Jessica Simpson Out Over Her Most Recent Instagram Photo?

Jessica Simpson has Instagram in an uproar over her latest post.

The singer and mother of three has been open about her latest pregnancy journey and recently shared a small mom-victory with her followers.

Jessica Simpson
Actress/Singer Jessica Simpson | Photo by Raymond Hall/GC Images

Though the post came across as harmless, some fans took take offense to it and are calling out Simpson for her lack of sensitivity towards fellow mothers.

Many are upset she shared a photo of her breast milk

On April 3, Jessica Simpson took to Instagram to share a very rewarding experience as a mom with fans.

The singer posted a photo of what looked to be more than five ounces of breastmilk.

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This is what success feels like

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Though that doesn’t seem like an interesting photo to most, Jessica Simpson decided to share her latest achievement with her large following, comprised mainly of fellow mothers.

“This is what success feels like,” Simpson, who gave birth to her and husband Eric Johnson’s third child, Birdie Mae Johnson, on March 19, wrote as a caption.

Many mothers and fellow celebrities commended Simpson on her small victory.

However, there were a few moms who took offense to the singer’s post and shared their feelings toward her in the comments.

“Breastfeeding is great but for all the moms out there that can’t breastfeed or simply are ‘done’ due to choice, formula is also the best you can do for your child,” one person wrote.

“What a great way to make others who can’t [breastfeed] feel like failures. Think before you post…” someone else commented.

Even though there were a good amount of negative comments towards Jessica Simpson and her small victory, a majority of the other comments applauded the singer’s accomplishment and called out those spreading negativity.

Fans immediately came to Jessica Simpson’s defense

Anyone who has been following Jessica Simpson throughout her pregnancy journey knows that she did not have it easy when it came to carrying her third child.

The singer kept fans in the loop on things she experienced such as swollen ankles, sickness, and even breaking a toilet all while she was pregnant.

Now that Simpson has given birth to her third child, she still wants to be open about her struggles and successes with fans knowing that a majority of her followers are fellow mothers.

Once the singer began getting attack by those who took offense over her Instagram post, many of Jessica Simpson’s followers came to her defense.

Fans called out those shaming the singer and reassuring Simpson that she should not feel guilty about sharing her small success.

One fan set the record straight with mom-shamers. “To all of the people who felt compelled to post a negative comment: you have just highlighted how self-centered society has come to be,” the fan wrote. “This photo is not about you, nor was it intended to shame you for your troubles you may have faced. What happened to celebrating women for their accomplishments? You obviously understand that this is a difficult feat to overcome, so you should be building up those who have encountered this wonderful success instead of tearing them down.”

Another fan commented, “Y’all need to stop being so sensitive about the fact you can’t breast feed. I can’t breastfeed my daughter but it doesn’t mean I shame a mom who can. Like goodness folk. @jessicasimpson you go girl feed that beautiful baby.”

Some fans even envied Jessica Simpson for being able to pump her own milk and pushed the singer to share her breastfeeding secret.

Omg this is amazing!!! I’m currently breastfeeding my newborn and i only pump about 2.5-3 ounces at most. Do you have any tricks or do you just naturally produce a lot of milk?” one fan wrote.

Jessica Simpson has yet to comment on the backlash she recently faced and many are expecting her not to and continue doing what she believes is best for her children.