Why Are Kate Middleton and Prince William Really Fantastic Parents?

Prince William and Kate Middleton are some of the most beloved members of the British royal family, for many reasons. People look forward to the day when Prince William (who is currently second in the line of succession) takes the throne… not that anyone is counting out Queen Elizabeth just yet, of course. But what is it that makes the prince and his wife so loved? A lot of it has to do with their family values.

Kate Middleton and Prince William have proven time and again what fantastic parents they are. It seems not so long ago that they were welcoming their first child, Prince George, into this world. Yet five years later the royal couple has been blessed with Princess Charlotte (now three) and Prince Louis (born early 2018). But why exactly are Kate Middleton and Prince William such fantastic parents?

Prince William and Kate Middleton take an interest in their kid’s interests

Kate Middleton holding her daughter, Princess Charlotte

Kate Middleton holding her daughter, Princess Charlotte | Chris Jackson/Getty Images

While it seems a little far fetched that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge is singing Baby Shark with the rest of the world, they do take a very real interest in what their children enjoy. They allow their children a small amount of screen time for children’s programs, and make a point to watch with them.

Hands-on parenting

Being a royal can be very time consuming, but Prince William and Kate Middleton try hard to strike a balance between their royal work and family. They do not rely fully on a nanny. When they are not working, these royal parents aim to spend as much time with their children as possible. Sometimes they even bring their three children on royal errands and engagements with them.

Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis are taught respect

Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and (eventually) Prince Louis are all required to pick up their own toys. This is a rule their great-grandmother, Queen Elizabeth, has enforced. To her, it is important the children do not become spoiled by expecting the royal staff to pick up their toys for them. What’s more is that she states it is important the children respect everyone’s job, no matter what that is.

Polite in public, yourself in private

Although the three tiny royals must always be on their absolute best behavior when out in public, their home life is not as rigid. Once home, the children are allowed to play like all other children. They are encouraged to express themselves, and go a little crazy to “get those jitters out.”

Get on their level

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle were praised for their efforts to crouch down and get on eye-level with their youngest fans during their recent Australia tour. This is a parenting trick they learned from Prince William and Kate Middleton. When speaking to their children, these two always crouch down so they can speak at eye-level.

This isn’t just a parenting trick but a sign of the utmost respect for the smallest members of the family (or community). When at eye-level, children are better able to understand. They also are given no doubts that your full attention is on them, and that what they have to say is important to you.

Promoting creativity

Prince George with his father, Prince William

Prince George with his father, Prince William | Kensington Palace via Instagram

While at home, Kate Middleton makes it a priority to engage in creative pursuits with her children. In addition to arts and crafts, the children are often taken to museums. Promoting creativity has been shown to increase overall IQ levels and foster emotional maturity.

Feelings are important

Prince William and his wife want their children to be in touch with their feelings and learn how to communicate them appropriately. They make a big deal of the children being allowed to express themselves, and help teach them ways they can release those feelings when they don’t feel like talking about them.