Why Are Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton Getting Bullied So Much?

Bullying is a big problem online. While the “little people” deal with trolls, verbal abuse, and mostly empty threats on a daily basis, celebrities also get their fair share. This is especially true for royals who break the norm.

Meghan Markle has been the subject of aggressive bullying for a while now. Even the beloved Kate Middleton has seen her fair share. The Duchesses have been at the heart of so much controversy that steps need to be taken to protect them from the harsh online world. 

Meghan Markle’s half-sister jumps on the bully bandwagon

It’s no secret. The internet loves to bash Markle. She has been the subject of criticism since before her and Prince Harry wed last year. Initially, fingers pointed at her for simply using the Prince to climb the social ladder. From there, things escalated to constant bickering about everything she says and does. Literally nothing the Duchess does is good enough. Bullies have even been zeroed in on her pregnancy — doing everything they can to discredit it. Things are so bad that the mother-to-be deleted her secret Instagram account

Being bashed by strangers takes its toll, but being bashed by family is even worse. Markle’s half-sister Samantha has taken to social media and appeared in mainstream media numerous times to put the Duchess down. She’s even planning on releasing a book around Markle’s due date so she can continue riding her coattails for attention. 

Kate Middleton is no stranger to bullying

Seeing Markle be the target of bullies for months must be hard for her sister-in-law. The Duchess of Cambridge dealt with intense bullying while she was a teenager. When Middleton was just 14, her parents sent her to a traditional all-girls school, Downe House School. The school was supposed to be a safe space that would mold young Middleton into a woman who would contribute great things to society.

Unfortunately, Middleton never got to fully integrate into the experience. Other girls just couldn’t deal with just how amazing she was so they picked on her incessantly. According to one of Middleton’s classmates, “She was picked on because she was perfect, well turned-out and lovely.” 

Middleton is seen as the perfect Duchess by some. But the curse of her perfection may still be following her to this day. 

The Duchesses’ bullying only gets worse

Everyone knows the Duchess of Sussex never gets a breather. She’s berated at every turn. But the Duchess of Cambridge hasn’t gotten off the hook either. Bullying of both royals has only escalated as time goes on. It’s so bad that Kensington Palace has to spend hours of precious time weekly moderating comments across their social media accounts.

Middleton is frowned at for being too “goody goody” and boring while Markle is hated on for basically being the opposite. The proof? When Markle made an appearance at the British Fashion Awards, Instagram went crazy. Over 500 comments needed to be deleted. Eventually, comments were disabled altogether. With her Patron announcement, trolls went straight to Twitter to criticize her every move at Smart Works. Comments included everything from her being a try hard to faking her pregnancy

The sisters-in-law aren’t the only ones either. Fans who are quick to defend the Duchesses are also berated harshly by the haters. To top things off, there have even been several violent threats aimed at the new royals. It’s no surprise that neither of them has personal social media accounts.

Why are Middleton and Markle bullied so much?

Prince Charles, Prince Harry, Kate Middleton, and Prince William
Prince Charles, Prince Harry, Kate Middleton, and Prince William | Chris Jackson/Getty Images

With so much vitriol aimed at Middleton and Markle one has to ask, “Why are they the subject of so much hate?” Middleton has been on the up and up the entire time she’s been in the royal family. Markle is doing her best to adapt to royal life with a smile on her face. Considering both weren’t born as royals, why can’t the public cut them both some slack? It seems like society expects them, especially Markle, to know how to do every royal thing correctly. But how can they if they didn’t grow up with the training?

The Duchesses are also both very popular, and with that popularity comes haters. It’s just a fact. But if they were of royal lineage chances are they wouldn’t be the subject of so much bullying.