Why Are People Mad Amy Schumer Revealed Her Husband Is on the Autism Spectrum?

Amy Schumer found the love of her life, chef Chris Fischer. The pair married in February 2018, and wasted no time starting their family, as Amy is expecting their first child soon! She has been in the public eye during her pregnancy, speaking about her struggle with severe nausea, also known as hyperemesis gravidarum, which has caused her to be hospitalized and cancel several shows.

However, the actress and comedienne was in the news recently for something completely different: She revealed that Chris was diagnosed with autism. Some fans were not happy with Amy revealing the news.

What did Amy say?

Amy did not speak negatively, in fact, she praised her husband’s diagnosis! She said that although his brain “works a little bit differently than others,” it is actually because of this that she fell in love with him in the first place. Amy described Chris as being “blunt,” which is due to him being on the autism spectrum, and described an incident that happened when they were first dating, in which she tripped, and he “froze” rather than helping her. 

His honesty is what Amy loves most

Apparently, Chris is blatantly honest, something that Amy absolutely adores! She tells fans that this is why she feels so close to him, and his bluntness proves she can trust him completely. She came to this realization after he was given the diagnosis that all of the qualities that are a result of autism are exactly what attracts her to him. It is wonderful to finally see Amy Schumer so happy with someone she can truly connect with. 

Were fans upset that she revealed the diagnosis?

Amy Schumer
Amy Schumer | Lev Radin/Pacific Press/LightRocket via Getty Images

Although Amy was singing praises to her husband, there were some fans who were not too happy about the fact that she revealed his diagnosis. Some felt that she was giving away information that was personal and private, and that it was unnecessary to let the world know about what was going on in the couple’s private life.

Amy is no stranger to criticism, and she did not reply negatively to those who were slightly upset. Good for her for staying true to what she believes in and allowing herself to speak freely about whatever she chooses! 

There are some people that are happy that Amy spoke up

While it is true that there were some people who were mad at Amy for telling the world about her husband’s diagnosis, there were many more who were grateful that she decided to share the information. They feel that by her telling her fans about Chris being on the autism spectrum, that it raises awareness for the many people who have received the exact same diagnosis. There were actually many groups who praised Amy, saying that she helped a lot of others understand autism just a little bit better.

Why did Amy tell everyone about Chris’s diagnosis?

Many people are wondering why Amy decided to reveal the diagnosis in the first place. According to her, the reason is simple. She and her husband actually think that it is a great experience, and they want to raise awareness. They want people to embrace when they or their children get diagnosed as being on the spectrum, and they are hoping that by sharing their own experiences with the world, they can help their fans accomplish just that!

As we can see, Amy and Chris are drawing on the positive aspect of his diagnosis, and are using their position to make it easier for others. What a wonderful thing for them to do. 

Congratulations to Amy and Chris on the upcoming arrival of their first child!