Why Are People Upset With Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s Sunday Service?

Just when you thought Kim Kardashian and Kanye West would stay out of the news for a while, they’re back in. This time, it’s for a very strange controversy, with both involved and taking the brunt of criticism.

It has to do with Kanye West’s famous “Sunday Services” that he’s been holding since the beginning of this year. He’s held these without fail every Sunday from various U.S. venues. While he holds them in churches on occasion, some people consider the ceremonies Kanye’s own unique version of a church service.

These happened without incident until Kim Kardashian dressed in clothing some considered inappropriate appropriation of another culture.

What did Kim wear that’s causing all the controversy?

We all know Kim Kardashian sometimes wears clothes that ruffles feathers. Sometimes she causes a stir due to what she’s not wearing rather than what she is.

For this Sunday service, she decided to dress in Indian garb, most notably elaborate jewelry worn traditionally by Indian brides.

The entire wardrobe was really quite simple: A white dress followed by the Indian jewelry on her forehead, ears, and arm. Despite this being obviously influenced from Indian culture, she didn’t give any credit where her inspiration came from.

Commenters on Instagram were quick to criticize Kim for borrowing from another culture without explanation. On the other hand, some are letting it go because of her past cultural appropriation.

Did Kim appropriate African-American styles in the past?

Yes, Kim did appropriate an African-American hairstyle at one time, particularly braids. You’ll find some who argue it isn’t really appropriation and more assimilation.

Whatever way you look at it, anyone who does this is asking for criticism without comprehending the chances for racial insensitivity. Kardashian likely does this with all good intentions, but just letting it speak for itself is always a risk.

At the time she wore braids, she said she did so because her daughter asked her to. Of course, with their daughter, North, being half-African-American, some might say Kim should receive a pass when the request came from her own flesh and blood.

Her Indian jewelry likely won’t make a ripple either, though what about Kanye’s Sunday services? Are these becoming a breeding ground for more controversy down the road?

What’s really going on with those Sunday services?

Many religious and non-religious people might look askance at Kanye’s Sunday services, especially in how different they are from the typical church services we’re used to.

The fact that they use a lot of West’s own Christian-themed songs (and only have attendees by invitation), some might suggest it’s more of a Church of Kanye. Latter would probably argue against this and say he only does these because he can’t attend a normal church service without causing a public stir.

However it’s perceived, his services do have Christian references, including standard prayer. At the same time, they frequently do their own thing and allow freedoms other churches likely wouldn’t allow.

Part of this includes Kim Kardashian’s desire to show off her controversial wardrobes.

Are these services appropriate, or just Hollywood gone wrong?

If church is for everyone, you have to wonder why Kanye makes his Sunday services only private events. Even if it’s because they’re likely a security risk without invitations, their unconventionality is no secret when you consider they’ll soon hold one at Coachella of all places.

When you mix the strange with religion, the interpretations aren’t going to go over well with all of the public. It might help if they don’t make them such free-form events so they don’t confuse fans.

Not that Kim should necessarily wear typical church clothes. Nevertheless, avoiding a costume party feel would help remove their current cult-like vibes.