Why Are Prince Charles, William, and Harry Having a Boys Night Out?

Growing up in the public eye can make it difficult to get real one-on-one time with the people that matter most. The royal family, with their busy schedule of engagements and political events, surely struggles with this as well.

However, in advance of the arrival of Prince Harry’s new baby, the father-to-be is preparing to enjoy a night out with those closest to him.

What event will the royal men be attending?

Earlier this week, it was announced that Prince Charles, along with his sons Prince William and Prince Harry, is set to attend the premiere of the all-new Netflix documentary Our Planet. The highly-anticipated documentary will examine the effects of climate change on different parts of the world, and what people everywhere can do to help support and protect the ever-changing planet. 

The event is set to take place on April 4th in London. The announcement also made a point to note that the princes will be attending the event without their wives. Prince Charles rarely steps out with his sons on solo trips, especially these days, with Prince William so occupied with raising his family with his wife Kate Middleton.

Of course, Prince Harry has also been exceptionally busy lately, what with his recent marriage to Meghan Markle, and all the preparations that they have been making for their baby, due in late April or early May. The documentary premiere is sure to be a grand affair, with numerous other celebrities in attendance. Plus, the fact that three members of the royal family are going to the premiere to lend their support for the film will help to raise awareness of the Netflix special, and of climate change in general.

What charitable causes do they support?

The climate change documentary is hardly the first social or political cause that the royal family has supported. Prince Charles bonded with his boys when they were younger by having them pick up litter while on vacation. According to Prince Harry, the habit became second-nature, and he frequently picks up litter when he is bored or when he needs to focus his thoughts. Although Princess Diana often gets the credit for helping to shape the way her boys think about the world, it seems that Prince Charles made a sizable impact as well.

Prince Harry, in particular, is passionate about philanthropy. Although he was a notorious party animal in his younger days, and frequently made headlines for his wild nights out and raucous partying, these days, Prince Harry is thinking more to the future, and to the kind of world he wants to create for his child.

He works with numerous charities, including Walking With the Wounded, The National AIDS Trust, and Help for Heroes. Since marrying Meghan Markle in May 2018, he has found a partner in his efforts, and the two have spent the past year traveling the world to raise awareness for the causes that they care the most about.

Will they have more nights out in the future?

Since their wives will not be joining them for the premiere on April 4th, fans have been wondering if the royal ladies will have their own evening out. While Kate Middleton, Meghan Markle, and Camilla Parker Bowles could get together for dinner or a film, it is more likely that they will take the opportunity to relax at home.

The royal family keeps a very busy schedule, but hopefully, Prince Charles and his sons will find the time for even more boys nights out in the future. After all, a night out with family, even if it’s only for a few hours, helps to clear the mind and soothe the soul. Prince Harry and Prince William are family men now and have even more to learn from their father, Prince Charles.