Why Are ‘RHOC’ Vicki Gunvalson and Kelly Dodd No Longer Friends?

A brawl breaks out in Orange County (Photo by: Phillip Faraone/Bravo)

They started out thick as thieves but now appear to be at odds as The Real Housewives of Orange County’s Kelly Dodd and Vicki Gunvalson are no longer speaking, People reports.

Gunvalson’s relationships with the ladies could give anyone whiplash. Before Dodd, Gunvalson was on the outs with Tamra Judge and Shannon Beador. In fact, Beador initially blamed Gunvalson for her 40-pound weight gain. However,  a tearful reunion sparked a make-up and the “three amigos” are back to being BFFs.

But now Gunvalson and Dodd aren’t seeing eye to eye. Keeping up with Gunvalson’s lady feuds is almost like playing whack-a-mole. So what happened with this fight?

She broke the girl code

Their relationship with peachy keen until Gunvalson set Dodd’s ex (Michael)  up on a double date. And while anyone would know you don’t set up your buddy’s ex and then hang out with them, Gunvalson insists Dodd kept telling everyone how great she felt post-divorce.

She told TooFab when she divorced her ex-husband Donn she had no feelings when he dated other people. “When Donn started dating people I knew, I had zero emotions. I was like, I want the best for him. If he wants to date a friend of mine, go for it. I didn’t feel like, ‘Oh, because I divorced you, you can’t be with anybody else.’ So it made me really realize that I think Kelly’s got stronger feelings for Michael than she wants to really say.”

But Gunvalson really broke the girl code

Kelly Dodd, Vicki Gunvalson — (Photo by: Dale Berman/Bravo)

She didn’t just “set Michael up” and then bow out. Instead, Gunvalson and her boyfriend Steve Lodge got deeply involved. In fact, while Gunvalson with on a trip to Las Vegas with a girlfriend (who ended up dating Dodd’s ex), she, “FaceTimed with her boyfriend Steve [Lodge],” a source told Page Six. “He and Michael are really good friends and Michael was with him so they waved ‘hi.’ Michael said he was having a rough time, and the women said they felt awful.”

When Gunvalson returned, she and Lodge set up Dodd’s ex with Gunvalson’s friend. A source close to the pair told Page Six,” They really hit it off because they both have awful exes.”

Gunvalson knew better

She knew the setup was wrong, although Gunvalson played dumb. The Page Six source said that Dodd’s ex’s new squeeze “doesn’t want to be dragged into Kelly’s mess” so she’s “being really careful” while “having fun.” The source also said, “Vicki’s scared too because she has to film with Kelly.”

But she tried to rationalize it

Gunvalson blogged about why Dodd should not have gotten angry with her. First, she said, “I was really shocked that Kelly was so upset about Michael dating and that she would have been upset that we went out with them a few times. Kelly made it very clear she wanted to divorce her husband Michael. She was dating immediately following the divorce and was actually very excited, describing herself as free and so happy that she was single. She is so quick to use her ‘happy to be divorced’ clichés. Kelly even said (as you witnessed), how she wished Michael would start dating.”

But added Lodge and Dodd’s ex are buddies. “Keep in mind Steve and Michael are still close friends and see each other often. It would be logical Steve and I would see who he was dating and even spend time with them, so I am awe struck at the outrage Kelly has demonstrated towards me. Is it really outrage, or is she concealing some underlying unresolved feelings she still has for Michael?”

Dodd takes it up a notch at Judge’s party

Tamra Judge, Kelly Dodd — (Photo by: Phillip Faraone/Bravo)

Dodd confronts Lodge during a birthday party Judge had for her husband Eddie.  Lodge tries to shrug Dodd off, which sends her into a rage. “When Steve played dumb rather than engage with me about what happened, it showed what kind of man he is. In my opinion, he doesn’t respect women,” Dodd blogged. “Of course Vicki is going to side with Steve and call me disrespectful over him, I would expect nothing more. We saw how she was with Brooks! Even for all her great qualities, Vicki will still follow her boyfriends off a cliff if they ask her to.”

“Steve did something malicious toward me, and I felt hurt about it and wanted to clear the air like an adult, but these people are behaving like children,” she continued. “Steve thinks he’s taking the high road by dismissing me, but taking the high road would have been to apologize and respectfully step away from the situation knowing that Vicki and I are now back on track. That’s what a real man would do.”

They tried to be nice, but Dodd isn’t over it

Kelly Dodd — (Photo by: Phillip Faraone/Bravo)

The women no longer speak at this point, even though they made an effort during filming. “We don’t talk at all. Not at all,” Dodd told Entertainment Tonight. “As a matter of fact, I went to Tamra [Judge]’s house for her birthday in September, and Tamra showed me the text [from Vicki]. She’s like, ‘I’m not gonna be there if Kelly’s there.’ ”

Bottom line is Dodd thinks Gunvalson’s setup and subsequent coverup and excuses were sneaky. “The problem with the show is, it’s kinda hard to move forward because you go back into that time that you felt and then you say things to each other via text and you’re like, ‘Oh my God.’ You get mad again. I’m not mad at her, but she’s clearly mad,” Dodd said to ET. “It just sounded like she was being sneaky.”

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