Why are Ryan Edwards and Mackenzie Standifer Back on ‘Teen Mom OG’?

Ryan Edwards and Mackenzie Standifer were adamant that they were done with Teen Mom OG last year. The pair insisted that the show wasn’t good for their relationship and that the production crew was trying to skew their storyline in a negative light. One jail stint later, however, the pair are right back on the show, and fans can’t help but wonder exactly what changed for the couple, and how they happened to find themselves back on television.

Ryan and Mackenzie were annoyed by their storyline

While Edwards signed up for Teen Mom OG when he was dealing with the recent birth of his first child with Maci Bookout, Mackenzie stumbled into Reality TV stardom by happenstance. When she met, and eventually married Edwards, she came as part of the package deal. That was all good for a while, but it didn’t take long for the mother of two to take issue with how Edwards and her relationship was being portrayed. 

Ryan’s substance abuse issues have long taken center stage on the show, and the production crew was planning to continue highlighting it. Mackenzie, however, took issue with it and claims the production company didn’t wish to film a recovering addict. Instead, she insists, the production company wanted to shoot the couple’s child, Jagger, with Mackenzie and Ryan’s parents only. Mackenzie claims the goal was to make Ryan look like an absentee father. The couple wouldn’t stand for it and allegedly quit.

MTV has been accused of manufacturing drama before

While Mackenzie’s telling of events seems a bit outrageous, her accusations aren’t the first of their kind. In fact, Leah Messer of Teen Mom 2 fame, lashed out at the production company when she felt they were editing her to look dumb. Messer was mad about the way the editing crew worked her statements about Plan B. The show made it seem like Messer was using Plan B as her primary birth control. She later assured fans that she was not.

In 2017 Gary Head took to Twitter to lambast his ex-girlfriend, Jenelle Evans. Head had dated Evans in 2012 and even proposed. He was pretty annoyed that Jenelle profited from her book by writing about him. He also felt the need to tell the world that the production company was acting a bit shady. According to Teen Mom Talk, Head alleges the moms on the show get paid a 20k bonus for having another child. He claims it is to manufacture the drama. The production house behind the Teen Mom franchise has never commented on the allegation.

Ryan and Mackenzie are out of money

While Mackenzie, 22, insisted they were absolutely done with the franchise, they are right back on the screen, and an insider alleges it’s because they are entirely out of money. Ryan is believed to have earned around $25,000 per episode he appeared on, but it seems his legal troubles and substance abuse issues have bankrupted the young couple.

According to Radar, Mackenzie and Ryan are currently living with Ryan’s parents in his childhood home. Mackenzie’s son, Hudson and her son with Edwards, Jagger, are also living in the house. Mackenzie is also working a few days a week with her father. While a part-time job is nice, it’s certainly not enough money to float a family of four.

Ryan’s convictions and continued issue with substances allegedly makes it difficult for him to support his family. While Radar’s source claims the family has spent every penny they’ve earned from the show, there is no evidence to back it up. Either way, it appears they’ll stay with Teen Mom OG from here on out. At the very least, the money is a sure thing.