Why Are Shep Rose and Craig Conover from ‘Southern Charm’ Playing with Pigs?

For those digging out of the latest snowstorm, seeing Craig Conover and Shep Rose from Southern Charm frolicking on the beach may be just the reminder you need that summer is around the corner.

The guys jetted off to the Bahamas, which Conover considers to be his “happy place.” They’ve had amazing food, partied with friends (and celebrities) and went on a boat ride or 10 while on their getaway. Not a horrible way to spend a week.

Craig Conover, Shepard Rose | Photo by Paul Cheney/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

Rose and Conover also took some amazing video and pictures playing with the infamous swimming pigs of Abaco too. These friendly creatures like to get up close and personal with the humans who come to visit. And Conover and Rose were happy to make new friends.

The guys are on a dream vacation

Fun in the sun is putting it lightly. From the minute Conover and Rose hit the Bahamas it has been beach, cocktails, and laughter all the way. The guys took lots of boat trips and Rose captured a little hilarious video of him playing “air bass” on the water.

“Listening to The Cars and playing the imaginary bass on a very seaworthy vessel in the Caribbean with some great people,” Rose posted to Instagram. “If that sounds like I’m bragging, i am. Scroll. #abacosislands #bahamas thanks to @swollymammoth.llc for helping me not be a total slob.” Rose isn’t wrong–you really can’t just stand there and not play air-bass to the Cars.

The buddies also ran into an amazing group of women’s tennis greats too. Rose admits he was a little starstruck. “Sat down to eat a lovely lunch on Treasure Cay,” he remarked on Instagram.”And saw some famous tennis 🎾 players walk in. Little know fact: I’d have been a pro if it wasn’t for my serve, forehand and backhand….It’s @carowozniackibachelorette. Sent them a celebratory drink. Such nice girls. We’re big fans. Didn’t want to geek out with a pic, but My mom’s Tuesday tennis group would never have forgave me. Also, @serenawilliams ! Haha. Congrats Caroline!”

They also participated in this infamous encounter

No one who visits the Bahama should leave without getting a chance to hang with the famous swimming pigs of Abaco island. Visitors must travel to the “No Name Cay,” otherwise known as “Piggyville” to meet, greet and hopefully swim along with these sweet creatures.

The pigs are not pets and are considered to be feral. They live freely on No Name Cay and have adapted to the number of tourists and visitors over the years. How did pigs get here in the first place? According to legend, the pigs were aboard a ship that went down. They swam to shore and made the little paradise nook their home.

Conover shot a few pictures interacting with the pigs, which he added to his Instagram story. And Rose showed how easy it is to feed one of the baby pigs too. Rose awkwardly pets the pigs on the head, sort of like they were dogs. In true form, Rose posted about the full encounter. “Yesterday was a fun one. Partook in the obligatory feeding of the 🐷. Then a storm ⛈ rolled in and we took shelter on Green Turtle Cay At a place called Pineapples. It was There i was coerced into eating a conch pistol 🔫 (which may or may not be its genitals 😐).” Oh boy!

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