Why Are Some Marvel Movies Missing From Disney+?

Disney has officially launched its highly anticipated streaming service, Disney+, much to the satisfaction of Marvel fans around the world. The only problem is that some of the titles from the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) are currently unavailable on the platform. Turns out, some of the newer movies in the MCU will be released over the course of the next year. So why are some Marvel films missing from Disney+?

Disney+ Marvel movies
Disney+ is missing some Marvel movies | Photo Illustration by Rafael Henrique/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images

Here’s why Disney+ is missing some Marvel movies

Disney went public with its new streaming service earlier this week. While there is a lot of great content on the platform, some Marvel fans were disappointed to learn that a few of the studio’s films are not currently available.

According to CNet, the reason why some movies in the MCU are missing from Disney+ is because of existing contracts. The studio cannot stream the missing titles until the previous agreements have expired.

Black Panther, for instance, will not be available on Disney+ until March of next year, while Thor: Ragnarok will be released next month.

For those hoping to see Avengers: Infinity War or Ant-Man and the Wasp, they will have to wait until next summer. We also have no idea when The Incredible Hulk, Spider-Man: Homecoming, or Spider-Man: Far From Home will be hitting Disney+.

Until the titles are released, fans will have to add the movies to their watchlist and play the waiting game.

What movies are available on Disney+?

Although some of Marvel’s movies are missing from Disney’s new streaming service, there are plenty of titles that are available.

In total, there are 16 films from the MCU that fans can access on Disney+. This includes some of the first movies in the MCU, like Captain America: The First Avenger, Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Captain America: Civil War, Iron Man, Iron Man 2, Iron Man 3, Thor, and Thor: The Dark World.

Fans can also watch The Avengers, Avengers: Age of Ultron, and Avengers: Endgame, plus some of the studio’s newer movies like Doctor Strange, Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2, Captain Marvel, and Ant-Man.

Disney+ also features some interesting deleted scenes from Endgame and a few animated shows, such as X-Men and Rocket & Groot.

We still do not know if the platform will eventually stream Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. or Cloak and Dagger, which are on Netflix and Hulu respectively.

What about Marvel’s new TV shows?

Talking about television shows, Marvel is set to launch a slew of new series for Disney+ as it heads into Phase 4 of the MCU.

This includes Falcon and Winter Soldier, which is set to premiere next fall, and WandaVision, which is scheduled to be released in the spring of 2021.

After that, Marvel will be releasing Loki, What If…?, and Hawkeye in 2021.

All of these shows are expected to feature characters from the MCU and will even play a part in the overarching storyline moving forward. This news, however, has been met with some resistance from fans, many of whom are not planning on watching all of the shows.

How will these shows impact the MCU moving forward?

In a recent interview, Kevin Feige confirmed that some of the events in Marvel’s television shows for Disney+ will directly impact what happens on the big screens.

More specifically, Feige revealed that WandaVision will explore more of Scarlet Witch’s (Elizabeth Olsen) story. With the character set to appear in future movies, whatever happens on the Disney+ series will continue in the MCU.

“Specifically, with a series like WandaVision, you will get to understand more about the Scarlet Witch in a way that informs her character, which we will see from her in future Marvel movies,” Feige shared.

Feige did not offer any more details on that front, though it sounds like the studio is looking to expand more into the realm of television. This is exciting news for fans, though some have expressed concern about the potential of making things overly complicated.

Until we hear more, the next movie in Marvel’s Phase 4 is Black Widow, starring Scarlett Johansson. The film is scheduled to open in theaters in May. No word yet on when the film will hit Disney+.