Why Are ‘Veronica Mars’ Fans Called Marshmallows?

A cult favorite that has somehow only grown in popularity since it’s been off the air, Veronica Mars is a show that holds several unique distinctions.

It is credited as the medium that shot star Kristen Bell to stardom and it has such a rabid fan following that it even has a feature film funded entirely through Kickstarter. Series fans share a love for the show (and the lead character) that is unrivaled by any other fandom.

What is ‘Veronica Mars’ about?

Premiering in September 2004, Veronica Mars revolved around a high school student, played by Kristen Bell, who moonlights as an amateur private detective. As the show progressed, Mars graduated from high school and entered college, all while solving complex mysteries that baffled older, more experienced investigators. 

The show ran until May 2007, ending in spite of critical acclaim and fan outcry. Even after Veronica Mars ended, rumors of a possible feature film persisted.

Even though series creator Rob Thomas wrote a feature-length script for a film adaptation, no big-name movie studios would fund the project. Fans rallied in support of their favorite series, and a Kickstarter campaign was launched in 2013 that was intended to raise the necessary funds to produce the film.

Shockingly, the campaign reached the initial $2 million goal within hours, but fans kept donating, and the campaign ended up almost tripling the initial goal. The Veronica Mars movie was released in 2014 to widespread acclaim and positive critical reviews.

The story of Veronica Mars doesn’t stop there – recently, the Hulu streaming service announced that the series would be returning for a limited run of shows in July 2019.

What are ‘Marshmallows’?

It’s clear that the fans are the backbone of the Veronica Mars series. The fans even have a special designation, lifted directly from the first episode of Veronica Mars.

In the episode, Mars reveals the softer side to her nature, prompting her friend Wallace to say to her, “You’re a marshmallow, Veronica Mars – a real Twinkie.” Ever since, fans of the franchise have referred to themselves as “marshmallows.”

Showrunners are well aware of the name for the fandom, and even included a reference to the “marshmallows” in the feature film. It seems that everyone involved in the production of the show know how important the fans are, and go out of their way to make them feel special.

What do we know about the new episodes?

In late 2018, Hulu announced the plans to bring back Veronica Mars for all-new episodes. Marshmallows everywhere leaped for joy when it was revealed that Kristen Bell would be reprising her role as the beloved detective and that there will be eight episodes in total.

Hulu also announced a premiere date of July 26 – plenty of time for existing fans to binge watch the entire series leading up to the new episodes, or for brand new marshmallows to get familiar with Mars and her cohorts.

As far as other cast members, a few familiar faces will definitely be returning, including Logan, played by Jason Dohring, her longtime BFF Wallace, played by Percy Daggs III, and her father Keith, played by Enrico Colantoni.

Not much is known about the cast past that, but fans are expecting that showrunners have a number of surprises in store for loyal fans, including surprise cameos that won’t be revealed until go time.

As for whether or not this revival could lead to an eventual entirely new season, nothing has been revealed. One thing that is certain is that this franchise just won’t quit, and with loyal fans that have even shown willingness to pony up their own funds to get things going, there’s no telling where the continuing story of Veronica Mars will go.