Why Are Wendy Williams and Chris Brown Feuding?

Wendy Williams is well known for telling it like it is, and has made her career off of her “Hot Topics” segment, which breaks down the lives and fortunes of celebrities. Although her slick commentary has made her a wealthy woman, it has also landed her in many highly-publicized feuds with celebrities over the years.

On a recent episode of her talk show, Williams spoke out about a famous singer and might have landed herself in more hot water.

Who has Wendy Williams feuded with in the past?

Williams has had a long and successful career, first on radio and then on the television with The Wendy Williams Show. While she’s earned a number of awards and recognition and made many friends along the way, she’s also made a few enemies as well. One of the most notable is Blac Chyna, whom Williams spoke out about when Chyna started dating Rob Kardashian.

In late 2016, Williams famously stated on her show that she believed Chyna was only dating Kardashian for money, and that she was looking for a “come up.” She also referenced Chyna’s past as a stripper and said that since Chyna was “from the pole,” she wasn’t being particular about whom she dated, she was only really interested in furthering her career. Chyna lashed out at Williams shortly after, saying that she had no right to speak about her or her family.

There’s also the long-standing bad blood between Williams and rapper 50 Cent. For years, Williams has had negative things to say about 50 Cent, and in the past has questioned his sexuality and called him out on his parenting abilities. For his part, 50 Cent has consistently fired back, berating Williams for her continued history with substance abuse. She has also been a vocal critic of the Kardashian family, and often refers to Kris Jenner as “that woman.” The Kardashians have yet to comment on Williams’ remarks.

Wendy Williams and Chris Brown have a history of shade

Of course, one of Williams’ most famous feuds would have to be with troubled music star Chris Brown. He has had his share of troubles with the law, and Williams has no problem calling him out on his legal battles. When Brown’s domestic abuse problems with Rihanna became public, Williams let Brown have it and has repeatedly told him on her show that real men don’t bully women. Brown has taken shots at Williams as well, and referenced her looks, saying that she resembles a man and that she is addicted to plastic surgery.

She’s also made light of a robbery that occurred at his house, and had other critical things to say about his behavior over the past several years. On the April 23rd episode of her show, Williams continued her history of jabs at Brown. She was discussing Brown’s upcoming tour with fellow artist Nicki Minaj and while she said that she would probably attend the actual show, Brown’s habit of turning up late to concerts could prove a problem.

Will Wendy Williams continue to speak out about Chris Brown?

Naturally, Brown responded to Williams via social media, refuting that he shows up late to his shows. Williams hasn’t responded to that and isn’t likely to, but don’t look for the talk show host to slow her roll anytime soon. In spite of going through a contentious divorce with her soon-to-be-ex-husband, Williams seems happier and healthier than ever. She’s currently filming brand-new episodes of her show every day of the week, and her fans couldn’t be happier for her new lease on life. In spite of a decades-long career, Williams could be just getting started!