Why Aren’t ‘Below Deck’ Fans Watching SOTU Tonight?

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Oops he did it again! Once again President Donald Trump scheduled a speech, this time the State of the Union, during a coveted episode of Below Deck.

Trump seems to make televised appearances on Tuesday nights at 9 pm, at the exact moment when Below Deck airs. Scott Dworkin, co-founder of the Democratic Coalition tweeted, “Instead of watching @realDonaldTrump’s State of the Union tomorrow night, what will you be doing instead?”

Just the question alone prompted a slew of responses. No true Below Deck fan was missing tonight’s show, especially what could be an explosive reunion.

Fans sounded off

This Below Deck fan has his evening all planned out. “I will be watching Below Deck Reunion at 9 and after will turn to watch Stacy Abrams rebut the Orange Menace.” This fan finds Below Deck to be far more informative than the SOTU. “You couldn’t pay me enough to watch that trash. I mean 45, not Below Deck.”

This person was just relieved that Below Deck was on during SOTU. “Tuesday at 9pm est during the State of the Union, so glad something good will be on tv rather than having to watch.” Another fan echoed third stew Laura Betancourt’s “sorry” response, “Sorry … the #belowdeck reunion is on.”

Recently, Trump’s personal schedule was leaked. Trump seems to log hours and hours of what is referred to as “executive time,” according to CNN. Many folks wonder if “executive time” just means “watching cable news” and tweeting. This fan wrote, “Sorry, but 9pm is my executive time, aka Coke Zero, dark chocolate & Below Deck.”

This is the second time Trump went on air during ‘Below Deck’

Thankfully, Trump’s appearance won’t ruin the Below Deck reunion time and the SOTU won’t be televised on Bravo. However, Trump scheduled a speech in early January during the government shutdown on a Tuesday at 9 pm. Fans were irritated and trolled Trump on Twitter.

Trump “had the gall” to schedule a speech on the day when the fallout from “check yourself” was about to air. As a result, one Twitter user cleverly wove this into a tweet. “I watch Below Deck at 9. Sorry #notsorry.” Another person wrote, ” No way! Below Deck is on and the fight between Kate and Laura is way more important!”

Even though the fight fallout was important, Below Deck fans are certainly not messing around tonight. The dramatic reunion promises plenty of twists and turns, which no fan is going to miss.

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