Why Baby Sussex Will Only Change the Line of Succession for Some Royals

Baby Sussex is on the way and the little royal is already making waves. The baby will be the first child of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. In addition to that, he/she will be the first interracial baby born into the royal family. And the child will also be the first royal baby to live in Frogmore Cottage.

So, we think it’s safe to say that this baby is already a boat rocker.

And he/she is rocking more than just the racial lines of the family. The baby will also shake up the lines of succession, but only for some royals.

How does the line of succession work?

The line of succession is both fascinating and a bit complicated. It basically tells you who would take the throne if the current reigning ruler died. Right now, the monarch is Queen Elizabeth II. For centuries, the first in line to take the thrown would be the ruler’s oldest son. It didn’t matter if they had a daughter first, the son would still take precedence for the crown.

During this time period, the second in line would be the next son and so on. This line up would only change when the first son had a royal heir. That would make his son (the ruler’s grandson) second in line for the thrown and push the leader’s second born to third in line. Get it?

Are girls not in line for the thrown?

This all changed with the Succession to the Crown Act 2013. This act changed the laws of succession to the British throne. Instead of the oldest son taking precedence for the crown, the act made it so that the oldest child, regardless of gender, would be first in line for the crown. This act went into action on Mar. 26, 2015. It did not work retroactively.

What place will baby Sussex be in?

Right now, Prince Charles is first in line for the crown, as he is Queen Elizbeth’s eldest son. Next is Prince William, then his oldest son Prince George. Next is Princess Charlotte, even though she has a younger brother, because of the Succession of the Crown Act. Her little brother, Prince Louis, comes next.

Finally, comes Prince Harry, and then seventh in line, regardless of gender, will be baby Sussex.

Who will Baby Sussex take the place of in the line of succession?

Obviously, when the baby comes, he/she will bump some people down in the line of succession. All of William’s children will be safe. But the same isn’t true for all of the Queen’s children.

Baby Sussex will push the rest of Elizabeth’s children and their children down in the line. Currently, the seventh in line, Prince Andrew, the Queen’s second born son, will move down to number eight in line. His children, Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie, will also move to number nine and ten.

The Queen’s third born son, Prince Edward, will move down to the 11th spot. And his children, James Mountbatten-Windsor and Lady Louise, will take the 12th and 13th spots.

Finally, Princess Royal Anne, the Queen’s only daughter, will move to the 14th spot and her son Peter will move to the 15th spot, while his children Savannah and Isla take the 16th and 17th spots. Peter’s younger sister, Zara Tindall, will move to the 18th spot and her children Mia and Lena will take the 19th and 20th spots, respectively.

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