The 1 Reason Why Canada Is Actually Happy to Have Meghan Markle Back

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle made a major move earlier this year: The two left the royal family. They departed the United Kingdom for Canada, where they hope to live a more private life with many freedoms and few rules. Meghan called Canada home for several years before marrying Harry, and while some locals are reportedly not thrilled to have the two settling down on Vancouver Island, there is one big reason why the country is happy to have her back.

Meghan Markle
Meghan Markle | Samir Hussein/WireImage

Harry and Meghan’s departure created shockwaves around the world

When Harry and Meghan returned from their six-week break in North America, most people thought it would be back to business as usual. But the Duke and Duchess of Sussex had something else in mind. They no longer wanted to be members of the royal family.

The couple announced in early January that they would seek to cut their professional ties with the family. Since then, they have moved to Vancouver Island, British Columbia permanently, and they’ve started to settle into their new lives as private citizens.

Meghan and Harry have always had a close relationship with Canada

The duke and duchess have always loved Canada, so it makes sense why they chose to start a new life there. Harry has been visiting Canada often since he was young and has always held the country near to his heart. Meghan called Canada home for several years before she married Harry. The former actress filmed her USA Network show, Suits, in Toronto, and she lived in the city during filming.

It’s unclear how exactly the two landed on Vancouver Island, but the area has a very temperate climate and plenty of nature, which will allow the two to live the active lifestyle that Meghan has always loved. 

The country is reportedly hoping Meghan will bring a boom to the fashion industry

There have been rumors that local Vancouver Island residents aren’t happy about Meghan and Harry’s move — but it seems that the country as a whole is excited to have her back. Specifically, Canada is reportedly hoping that Meghan will boost the economy with the role she plays in the fashion industry.

According to Fox Business, Meghan has always loved highlighting Canadian brands. And now that she’s living there, she could have a significant impact on the country’s fashion industry by bringing even more awareness to local brands.

Meghan Markle has been a fashion icon since she married Prince Harry.

The royals supposedly don’t think Harry and Meghan’s new lifestyle will last

Though Harry and Meghan seem to be enjoying their life outside the royal spotlight, the palace reportedly has concerns that the two will eventually dislike their lives in Canada. According to reports, the palace has a contingency plan in place on the chance that the two decide to return to royal life.

There are certain laws in the United Kingdom regarding the paparazzi, and Meghan and Harry aren’t protected by those same laws in Canada. The publicity could prove to be no better on the other side of the pond, and the two might end up returning home to the U.K. But for now, they’re soaking up life as private citizens.