Why Cardi B and Offset Aren’t Having Another Baby Anytime Soon

Now that Kulture Cephus is approaching her second birthday, fans are wondering when Cardi B and Offset will have another baby. Both have expressed a desire to have more children and are always talking about their steamy relationship. But Offset just said a baby is the last thing on his and Cardi B’s minds — here’s why.

Cardi B and Offset at a party in December 2019 in Los Angeles, California
Cardi B and Offset at a party in December 2019 in Los Angeles, California | Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for Sean Combs

Why Cardi B and Offset aren’t rushing to have another baby

Speaking to Us Weekly in an interview published on April 8, Offset said that he and his wife simply have other priorities at the moment.

“I want [Cardi] to stay focused,” the Migos member explained “She’s on her album. I don’t think that would be fair to her fans or her or her career. So nah, not right now.”

“Just let her get her second album out and get her a big tour behind that and just spread her wings a little bit more. She’s not new, but she’s new,” he continued.

In the meantime, the two remain focused on Kulture, who will turn 2 in July. Offset noted that she is growing bigger by the day and recently reached a pretty amazing milestone.

“She’s talking in Spanish and English,” he continued. “Cardi’s dad doesn’t speak English and his whole side of the family speaks [mostly] Spanish. … [Kulture] says certain things, like, ‘Come here’ in Spanish. ‘Ven, ven, ven, ven.’”

In addition to his baby girl, Offset is dad to three other children from previous relationships. He honored his brood in his 2019 album, which is affectionately named Father of 4.

Cardi B has said the only thing she plans on giving birth to in the near future is a new album

As Offset stated, Cardi B is hard at work on her new album. It’ll follow 2018’s Invasion of Privacy, a Grammy-winning album that spawned several multi-platinum songs, including “Bodak Yellow,” “I Like It,” and “Bartier Cardi.”

Celebrating the second anniversary of the album in early April, Cardi B gushed over the success of the project on Instagram and noted that the follow-up will come some time in 2020.

“Happy Birthday Miss INVASION OF PRIVACY. My first baby,” she wrote in the post. “Im workin on her sister so I can birth her this year.”

Cardi B’s comments on her upcoming album

Details about the album are limited, but Cardi B shed some light on what fans can expect in a November 2019 interview with Billboard.

“It has evolved a lot, especially because I’ve been listening to different types of music. But the thing is … there’s certain music that I want to do but I feel like, ‘[Are] people interested in that?'”

“I feel like things have changed. I feel like there’s more like a twerk sound going on right now and it’s just like, ‘Should I do my music around that?’ But it’s like, I can’t just go with what’s hot. I still got to go with what I want to do. So I just got out of that ‘follow what’s hot’ and follow what you want to do … I’m just having fun in the studio,” she continued.

Watch her remarks around the 1:20 mark

Sounds like fans should get ready for lots of music and then a baby (well, maybe).

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