Why Cardi B Refuses to Hire a Nanny for Kulture

Cardi B is the hottest rapper of the moment, with hit singles and a career that is the envy of many. Cardi B first started becoming popular in 2015 when she appeared on Love & Hip-Hop: New York but it was after she started exploring her talents as a rapper that she really experienced massive success.

Not long after Cardi B’s meteoric rise to the top, she announced her pregnancy with her first child. While many people spoke out, stating that she wouldn’t be able to be a mother as well as have a thriving career, Cardi B has proven the naysayers wrong and managed to juggle both.

Keep reading to learn how open Cardi B has been about her motherhood journey, why she refuses to hire a nanny for her daughter, and how being a mom has changed her life.

Cardi B’s pregnancy was unplanned

Cardi B performing onstage
Cardi B | Tim Mosenfelder/FilmMagic

In early 2017, just as Cardi B‘s career was beginning to really take off, she started dating fellow rapper Offset. The two moved quickly, and marriage rumors dogged them for months when it was revealed that they were dating.

In early 2018, amidst a lot of speculation, Cardi B appeared on Saturday Night Live and revealed a burgeoning baby bump, thereby announcing her pregnancy to the world.

Cardi B admitted that it was unplanned and that she even considered terminating the pregnancy — but that she didn’t want to deal with the “abortion thing.”

Ultimately, she decided that she could handle it. She gave birth to her and Offset’s daughter, Kulture Kiari, in July 2018.

While many people slammed Cardi B for having a baby so early on in her career, the rapper claimed that she would be able to do both and didn’t want to have to choose between motherhood and a career. She has proven the haters wrong by working harder than ever, adding hit after hit to her arsenal of songs and becoming a bonafide superstar — all while caring for her young daughter.

Cardi B didn’t trust anyone to watch her daughter

Just because Cardi B is rich and famous doesn’t mean that she wants all the trappings that come with a celebrity lifestyle. That includes hiring a nanny for baby Kulture.

In an April 2019 interview, Cardi B stated that when she was pregnant, she had planned on hiring a nanny for the baby so that the baby could accompany her everywhere she went. Still, it wasn’t as easy as the rapper thought. She said that once she had Kulture, it became hard to make that decision because “you don’t trust nobody with your kid.”

These days, Cardi B makes do with some help from her mother, her sister, and a lot of schedule juggling. 

Cardi B is open about motherhood

One thing Cardi B’s fans love her for is her unfiltered honesty. Since becoming a mom, Cardi B hasn’t lost her edge or her sense of humor. She likes to share her thoughts on her own motherhood journey, shining a light on how her life changed.

She also spoke out about experiencing postpartum depression after the birth of Kulture Kiari and how the world felt “heavy on her shoulders.”

Cardi B also realized how important it was to still feel like herself, even after having a baby, and decided to get some cosmetic surgery enhancements.

She had no problem admitting to a breast enhancement surgery, saying that Kulture “did her filthy” and that she wanted to feel good about her figure. While the rapper received some negativity about the cosmetic surgery, she is clearly not bothered and living her best life — along with her young daughter.