7 Reasons Why Chandler Is the Best Character on ‘Friends’


It’s hard to choose a favorite Friends character. After all, the show would be incomplete without Monica, Rachel, Joey, Ross, Phoebe, and Chandler. And, each Friends character is irreplaceable for many reasons. However, that doesn’t stop fans from wondering who the best character on Friends really is — which is a challenge if you love them all!

Chandler on Friends

There are many reasons why Chandler is the best character onFriends. | NBC / Netflix

While some fans have a hard time choosing between the fab six, others know who their favorites are. Case in point: Many argue reasons why Chandler is the best character on Friends. And, whether you disagree or not, there’s no denying some of his antics are completely necessary.

Curious to know why some fans say Chandler is the best character on Friends? Keep reading!

Why Chandler is the best character on ‘Friends’

Chandler is without a doubt one of the most hilarious characters on Friends. But, his humor is only a fraction of his personality. From his brutal honesty to his humility, we share all the reason why Chandler is the best character on Friends, below.

1. His sense of humor is unmatched

Chandler loves to poke fun at his friends. And while he can sometimes take it too far, he also helps keep them humble. In many ways, his humor is what brings him closer to his friends — especially Joey who, ironically, shares the same sense of humor.

2. He’s incredibly blunt

If there is an elephant in the room, you can always count on Chandler to be the first to call it out. While his honesty isn’t always appreciated, Chandler helps bring a lot of situations to light and keeps the circle as open as possible (whether they like it or not). At the end of the day, he says what we are all thinking, and we love him for it.

3. He accepts everyone’s flaws (including his own)

There is no one more accepting than Chandler on the show. Chandler chooses to look beyond the nitty-gritty of each character and love his friends despite their flaws. On top of that, he is very open and honest about his own issues. But, rather than hide them or dwell over them, he makes sure everyone knows.

4. He’s not afraid of Monica

While he might act like it at times, Chandler is not afraid of Monica’s intensity. He constantly calls her out for being overly clean and bossy and was once brave enough to unlock her messy storage closet to reveal her darkest secrets.

5. He is Joey’s bank account

Talk about a good friend! When Joey struggles financially — which is pretty much the entire series — Chandler doesn’t hesitate to support his friend. And, to top it off, he asks for nothing in return.

6. He tells jokes in uncomfortable situations

Everyone can use an ice-breaker from time to time. And, Chandler is definitely that. Whenever he’s uncomfortable, Chandler resorts to a bad joke. And, while it usually makes things even more awkward for him, it makes his friends a little less uncomfortable.

7. His love for Monica

Chandler and Monica couldn’t be more perfect for each other. From the way he looks at her to the unique bond they share together, they are the best friends couple — which automatically makes Chandler the best character on Friends.

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