Why Charlotte Hope Is the Best Part of ‘The Spanish Princess’

If you’ve caught even a single episode of The Spanish Princess, then you’ve been captivated by Charlotte Hope playing Princess Catherine of Aragon. The series follows up the stories from The White Queen and The White Princess. Catherine will be the next queen of England if she has her way. Bred for it all of her life, she doesn’t let something like the death of her new husband deter her from her goal of being queen. Hope stuns as the illustrious and courageous woman that has been lost in time.

The series is adapted from Philippa Gregory’s novels

The Spanish Princess
Laura Carmichael, Georgie Henley, Nadia Parkes, Charlotte Hope, and Stephanie Levi-John | David M. Benett/Dave Benett/Getty Images for STARZPLAY

The eight-part miniseries follows the story of the crown of England and the women that it was forced upon. The show is adapted from Philippa Gregory’s novels and follows the stories of women fighting to make a place in a man’s world. The White Queen follows the story of Elizabeth Woodville, the queen of Edward IV. The White Princess follows the story of Elizabeth of York, the daughter of Woodville and Edward. This next installment comes a few years after The White Princess, and follows the new soon to be queen, Catherine.

Charlotte Hope captivates as Catherine of Aragon

Hope captivates the screen with her confidence and grace. She was born to play the role of Catherine, the woman who would be shunned decades later by her husband for not being able to produce a male heir. So many other adaptions show Catherine as an older woman, being kicked to the curb for a younger wife. This series takes Catherine from the shores of Aragon to England, where she will rule because her mother told her it was her destiny.

Hope is best known for playing the love interest of Ramsey Bolton (Iwan Rheon) on Game of Thrones, Myranda. This role would lead her to become much more well known and eventually lead to her playing the role of Catherine.

The show takes a unique look at different cultures

Charlotte Hope
Charlotte Hope | Michael Kovac/Getty Images for STARZ Entertainment LLC

Hope does a reasonable Spanish accent stranded in a new world where all it ever does is rain. Her entourage will experience major culture shock and vice versa when both worlds collide with Catherine’s new marriage to Prince Arthur (Angus Imrie). Her group of trusty companions include Lina (Stephanie Levi-John) and Rosa de Vargas (Nadia Parkes). Lina is an African-Iberian noblewoman who, like her family, was forced to give up Islam and practice Catholicism after the Spanish Reconquista.

Catherine’s new in-laws definitely don’t understand why she feels the need to bath daily, as the custom is once a week in England at the time. She also uses exotic herbs to soak in, which is a novelty to them. It’s hard for her to handle her new predicament after growing up in the beautiful Mediterranean luster of the Alhambra palace.

‘The Spanish Princess’ will be back with a second season

Charlotte Hope spoke with Entertainment Weekly about how difficult the situation would have been for Catherine back in those days. She built her life on a lie and things are now out of her hands. Her destiny is happening all around her and she just has to hold on for the ride.

“It’s really difficult for her, but, first and foremost, the thing she believes in most strongly is that her destiny is to be Queen of England,” explained Hope. “And also, she really knows how much she loves Harry. She deeply, deeply loves him. She’s willing to fudge any of the facts to make that reality work for her. When Arthur dies and she’s been so sure she was going to be Queen of England, she then re-evaluates and she’s like, ‘Ok well, God wants me to be the Queen and if Arthur’s dead, then he must intend for me to marry Harry and this is what his plan for me is.’ I do think the religious devotion of these people was so strong, so much more powerful than what I can imagine today, that that’s a real kind of driving force for her. But again, those driving forces are really powerful at the beginning because they’re driving you and then once you’ve reached the destination, that’s when it starts to unravel a bit. You’ve got to analyze how you got there, and that’s when it starts to become a bit more complicated.”

Fans can catch Hope playing Catherine of Aragon on Starz. The series will be back for a second season to hopefully reveal more about the love story that once was Catherine and Henry VIII.