Why Could Amy Schumer and Andy Cohen Be Seeing a Lot More of Each Other?

Although Amy Schumer seems to be in pregnancy purgatory (and so ready to give birth), she posted about a cause that is important to her. Plus she revealed her baby’s gender.

Schumer has had a rough pregnancy, filled with extreme nausea and vomiting. Her pregnancy-related sickness referred to as hyperemesis gravidarum is also so severe, she’s been hospitalized on and off throughout her pregnancy.

Amy Schumer and Chris Fischer |Photo by Bryan Bedder/Getty Images for Audible

Thankfully, Schumer could give birth any day now. In fact, she and Meghan Markle are on baby watch at this point as she and Duchess of Sussex are pretty close to being on the same baby track. Over the weekend she shared she’s having a boy. In her Instagram post, she added a photo that sparked a comment from Bravo producer Andy Cohen. Why does Cohen’s comment indicate the two may be bumping into each other more often once Schumer’s son is born?

It’s a boy!

As with her pregnancy announcement, Schumer clothed her gender reveal post in a cause that is important to her. “Hey! We love @chancetherapper and hate to be the ones to tell him that Wendys is the only fast food chain refusing to protect farmworker women from sexual assault and rape in the fields,” she wrote.

“This is true,” she continued. “Please read that sentence again. Message for the people in charge: Instead of spicy nuggets, we want food that is harvested with dignity NOT violence. Please join the @fairfoodprogram and #BoycottWendys link in my bio of how you can help.”

Buried at the bottom of the important message was another important message. “Also we are having a boy.”

She’s ready too

Only days before the weekend post, Schumer shared an image of her very pregnant belly. She joked about how fans must think she’s been pregnant forever. “Oh yeah does it feel to everyone like I’ve been pregnant for a long time? It must be getting annoying to you all that I’m still pregnant Well imagine how I feel mother f**kers!!!!!!”

Amy Schumer
Amy Schumer | Brendon Thorne/Getty Images

In the image she shared, husband Chris Fischer is on his phone. Meanwhile, she looks completely done. She hasn’t announced a specific due date but has shared she was due in the spring. Now that spring has sprung, she’s probably ready to spring this baby too.

In addition to being ready to not be pregnant, Schumer has also shared that her hyperemesis gravidarum seemed to persist throughout her entire pregnancy. In late April she posted, “Amy is still pregnant and puking because money rarely goes to medical studies for women such as hyperemesis or endometriosis.”

And may become baby buddies with Andy Cohen

Schumer posted an image of what appears to be a pediatrician’s waiting room. The lively room is filled with toys and books, as Schumer seems to be chatting with Fischer as they wait.

Cohen happened upon the post and couldn’t resist commenting. “Omg we go to the same pediatrician,” he wrote. Always good to know a friend or two who shares the same pediatrician, especially during those early years.

Andy Cohen |Photo by Charles Sykes/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank

Infants need regular, ongoing checkups, plus vaccines. The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recommends babies are seen at least three to five days after they are born. Then well checks are made at months one, two, four, six, nine, 12, 15, 18 and 24, The Bump reports. Since those guidelines are for well checks, new parents know they will spend a lot of time at the pediatrician during those early years. Which means there’s a pretty good chance Cohen and Schumer could be swapping baby stories in the waiting room in the very near future.

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