Why ‘Counting On’ Fans Are Annoyed With Jill Duggar’s Instagram

Fans of the Duggar family have been keeping up with them for over a decade, and for good reason. While we first remember Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar on TLC’s 19 Kids and Counting, their loyal viewers have continued to watch the captivating family as the kids grew up, married, and began families of their own. Now, a few of the Duggar children that we remember first seeing as teens on TV are totally grown and have a strong following on social media.

Jill Duggar is particularly interesting to followers of the family, as she’s no longer affiliated with Counting On due to controversy surrounding her husband, Derick Dillard. She still has a strong social media presence, however — but her followers are starting to get annoyed with her Instagram content. Here’s why.

Jill uses her Instagram to promote a ton of products

The soft-spoken Jill Duggar (now Dillard) is the last person many suspected of being at the center of controversy, but her husband, Derick, definitely knows how to make a splash on social media. After his transphobic and homophobic tweets, TLC decided to remove the Dillards from Counting On. Jill herself has never really addressed this on her Instagram, but she still gives fans a look inside her marriage and life with her two sons. While most of the content is wholesome, she also has a tendency to promote loads of products on her page — and her fans have just about had enough.

In Touch Weekly reminds us of all the various products Jill has promoted on her page, and they include children’s books, luxury fashion brands, her favorite snack foods, and plenty of T-shirts. Just this past December, Jill posted two promotional ads back to back on her Instagram for Oliver and Otis graphic tees after she partnered with them, too. And we’re sure more promotional material will continue to crop up on her social media in the future.

She also shares her recipes that many consider gross

Fans know by now that the Duggars aren’t the best chefs, but Jill insists on sharing her cuisine with her online followers — and fans are ready for her to stop. OK! Magazine notes Jill’s been sharing recipes like BBQ tuna, spaghetti pie, and her chicken salad that’s way over-saturated with mayo for years, and her followers are finally speaking out. One fan came forward after Jill shared a recipe for “Easy Slow Cooker Creamy Chicken & Tortillas.” “Jill, I love you but these processed ‘quick, easy, inexpensive’ recipes are antiquated and unhealthy. You can use real food with the same results. Please!” OK! notes one of her Instagram followers commented. And others haven’t been so nice. “Just stop, Jill,” another added.

It seems Jill still hasn’t gotten the memo that her fans don’t want any more Duggar recipes, though, as she continues to post them on her Instagram and her personal blog. On her recent BBQ tuna post, one of her followers commented, “That’s straight Prison Food.”

This is the content fans really want to see

Jill’s followers don’t want to see her partnerships with companies or her recipes. What they’re really interested in is her relationship with Derick and her children — and they also adore seeing her in photos with her other family members, too. Since she’s no longer part of Counting On, fans feel like they’re missing out on what she’s up to, so they’d love to feel more connected to her daily life via social media if possible. Not only that, but it seems like Jill and Derick are often missing family events, which has many of her followers concerned about what’s really going on.

On Feb. 9, Jill posted a photo of Derick playing with their eldest son, and her followers loved it. “Awwwww!!! Love this so much!!!!! Such a wonderful time playing and developing his imagination!!!!” one user commented. And Jill also shared a funny and heartfelt story for Valentine’s Day, which her followers also responded to. “So sweet! Love it! Happy Valentine’s Day,” an Instagram follower added. It’s clear this is the content fans really want — and hopefully the Dillard family will give us more.

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