Why ‘Counting On’ Fans Can’t Stand the Name Jessa Duggar Gave to Her First Child

We all know the Duggars for their many children, strict courtship rules, and dress code — and it’s hard to believe how fast some of the 19 Duggar kids grew up. Jessa Duggar has been a fan favorite for years, and she’s now married to Ben Seewald, who also has become a favorite from the family. We loved watching their wedding and following them through their multiple pregnancies — and now, fans are excited for Jessa to soon give birth to their third child, too.

There’s no doubt Jessa and Ben are caring parents, but fans have taken issue with one major choice of theirs — and that’s what they chose for their firstborn son’s name. Here’s why.

This is why Jessa and Ben named their first son Spurgeon

Everyone was excited for the Seewald family when their son was born — but not everyone was excited for the name Jessa and Ben chose. Their oldest son’s name is Spurgeon, and they both decided the name was a perfect fit. “We’ve been working on deciding on a name and we finally figured it out,” Jessa announced in a video from the Duggar Family’s YouTube account when her son was first born. “His name is Spurgeon Elliot Seewald,” Ben adds in the video.”

So, why the unique name? Ben explains that Charles Spurgeon was a 19th-century Baptist preacher who both Ben and Jessa followed closely over the years. “He had a big impact on our lives, and his writings and sermons and books are still around today,” Ben added. As for the middle name Elliot, that’s the last name of a missionary couple who also did admirable work. The couple also noted that they nicknamed Spurgeon “Quincy” before they settled on a name.

Many fans don’t like the way the name sounds

It’s clear Spurgeon isn’t a traditional name, and many fans have taken issue with it from the start. Followers of the couple were quick to react to their YouTube announcement in the comments. “So sad, poor kid. Spurgeon Seewald, sounds like the name of Spongebob’s cousin!” one YouTube user added. And another said, “Worst name ever in the history of all names…..”

Reddit users have also discussed Spurgeon’s name at length — and they’re all in agreement that it might be the worst name a Duggar has ever given to one of their kids. “Maybe it won’t be bad for him as he gets older since he will most likely be homeschooled, but could you imagine being in middle or high school with the name Spurgeon?” one Reddit user commented. And others added that even the name “Sturgeon” would be better than “Spurgeon,” though that name, of course, would conjure images of the fish.

Others have an issue with the preacher they named their child after

It seems it’s not just the sound of the name that is upsetting fans. Inquisitr notes fans on the Duggar Family Blog expressed their disappointment with Spurgeon’s name because of Charles Spurgeon’s views as a preacher. One fan commented, “This Pastor was an anti Catholic hater. As a Catholic who always supported the family we are very hurt and insulted that the Seewalds would honor this bigot by naming their son after him.” And another agreed with the same sentiment. “After reading the blatant hatred Charles Spurgeon spouted against Catholics, and knowing how this family truly hates Catholics I will no longer support their shows. It makes me incredibly sad,” they added.

For Jessa and Ben’s third child, will they go with another unique name, or will they stick with something more traditional (like their second child, Henry)? We’ll have to wait and find out.

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