Why Danielle Busby From ‘OutDaughtered’ Called Adam Busby ‘Careless’

There are plenty of famous families on television that we all know and love, and the Busbys are relative newcomers to the scene. Danielle and Adam Busby became famous after sharing their story of having the first all-female set of quintuplets in the U.S. And now with their show OutDaughtered, we get to see the ins and outs of their daily life with their quintuplets and their older daughter.

Adam and Danielle seem like the best couple, and they’ve perfected the art of taking care of multiple kids at once. But there was at time when Danielle called Adam “careless.” Here’s what happened.

It all started with Danielle asking Adam to get a vasectomy

Danielle has detailed her issues with infertility extensively on her blog, and she views the quintuplets as a totally unsurprising blessing. With that said, she and Adam seemed on the same page when it came to family planning after they had the quints. And in one clip from OutDaughtered, we see Danielle telling Adam that he has to “snip something before he can get with something.” In this case, she’s talking about a vasectomy.

“I want him to have a vasectomy,” she said in the clip — and she even goes as to far as to ask Adam, “why haven’t you done it yet?” To that, Adam answered, “I mean, I’m just a little nervous about it.” He also added that it’s “scary for a guy” and he doesn’t think “Danielle’s sympathetic at all. … Talking about getting me fixed, it almost sounds like what you would do to a dog.”

Adam got the procedure — but didn’t attend his follow-up appointment

Eventually, it appears Adam gave in to Danielle’s request, as he noted in another clip from TLC that he went through with the procedure. Unfortunately, that wasn’t all that Adam was supposed to do. Danielle let him know that her period was late, though she wasn’t too concerned about it considering to her knowledge, he had his vasectomy. But that’s when things seemed to take a turn.

In the clip, Adam tells Danielle, “I never went back to the follow-up to make sure the vasectomy took.” While Adam tries to defend himself by saying he knows he had the best doctor for the job, Danielle wasn’t having it. “This is B.S. coming of your mouth. Do you really want more kids?” she asks him. “I feel like, this was kind of like, careless,” Danielle went on. And she then mentions a couple they know who had a child despite having a vasectomy, which really seemed to make Adam even more concerned for not getting checked out post-procedure.

Despite his ‘careless’ actions, Danielle probably won’t accidentally get pregnant

There may have been drama at the time, but much to the relief of the Busby couple, Danielle never actually turned out to be pregnant. It seems Adam’s vasectomy seemed to be successful, and the happy family of eight is likely to remain that way.

Even without Adam’s procedure, we imagine Danielle might have similar difficulties getting pregnant as she did a few years back. As mentioned before, she’s detailed her issues with infertility on her blog. Both she and Adam took fertility drugs to help the process, and she went through intrauterine insemination to also raise her chances. We know now that eventually, this resulted in quintuplets — but it took years of trying before the couple ever found success.

Danielle and Adam have made it clear they’re happy with stopping at six kids, but we’re betting if Danielle did accidentally get pregnant again, she’d welcome another baby with open arms. She and Adam love kids and have proven to be great parents, so there’s surely nothing they can’t do.

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