Why Derek Peth From ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ and Stephanie Pratt From ‘The Hills’ Didn’t Like Each Other at First

Whether you love or hate reality TV, there’s no doubt real peoples’ lives have been totally altered thanks to The Bachelor and The Bachelorette. While in years past, the heartbroken contestants who couldn’t capture the heart of the lead star were sent home with no chance at finding love again on TV, there’s now a home for them on Bachelor in Paradise. And we can’t forget that Derek Peth, a contestant on JoJo Fletcher’s season of The Bachelorette, did indeed find love on Bachelor in Paradise with fellow Bachelor alum Taylor Nolan.

Unfortunately, Derek and Taylor called it quits on their engagement — but Derek’s not down and out just yet. He may be finding love again in another reality star, just not someone from Bachelor Nation. Here’s what we know.

Stephanie Pratt from The Hills and Derek Peth were set up on a blind date

It’s been a long time since The Hills first aired, but we all remember Stephanie Pratt, the younger sister of the infamous Spencer Pratt. The show centered on the lives of Lauren Conrad, Heidi Montag, and Audrina Patridge for the most part, though as Heidi and Spencer’s relationship took a sharp turn for the worse with best friend Lauren Conrad, Stephanie held a more prominent role. Now, it seems we may be seeing Stephanie again for The Hills reboot — and maybe she’ll even discuss her budding relationship on the show, too.

People reports Derek and Stephanie were set up on a blind date by Stephanie’s cohost of the podcast Pratt Cast, Wells Adams. We can’t forget that while Wells is with actress Sarah Hyland now, he also appeared with Derek on JoJo’s season of The Bachelorette and failed to capture her heart, too. It seemed he thought Stephanie and Derek would be the perfect fit for each other and thus played matchmaker.

Derek noted he didn’t think he’d get along with Stephanie at first

Wells may have thought the two were a match made in heaven, but it seems Derek had his doubts about Stephanie at first. People notes Derek and Stephanie were set up on their first date in Los Angeles on St. Patrick’s Day, and Stephanie failed to make a good first impression by arriving on the scene an hour and a half late. In addition to her tardiness, Derek told Wells on the podcast that he expected Stephanie to be “very-nose-in-the-air,” too. Stephanie also revealed on the podcast that she didn’t think of Derek as her type at first.

Thankfully, as the two got to know each other, they started to really hit it off. “It took a bit to warm her up but I was really pleasantly surprised, I will say,” People reports Derek said. “She’s a lot smarter than I thought. She’s quippy and quick.” Stephanie also had nice things to say, too. “He’s really interesting. We were laughing. It was great. He’s a great guy.”

The two seem to have a strong connection and are continuing to see each other

Derek and Stephanie got off to a “rocky start,” as Stephanie put it in the podcast, but it seems they’re willing to keep giving it a try, as they ended up connecting quite well as they got to know each other. And Us Weekly notes the two are now planning a “romantic weekend” together to further their relationship.

Stephanie does have a few reservation about the romance, however — especially in relation to the character she typically plays on The Hills. As she said on Pratt Cast, “I also am really scared to get into a relationship … because I’m scared that’s going to change how people look at me or, you know, my role on The Hills.” She also added that she enjoys being “the single girl on the show” and wonders how this budding relationship with Derek may change the dynamics.

Despite Stephanie’s worries, she still notes she had “the best date” with Derek and is willing to give things a shot. Here’s to the happy daters and perhaps future long-term reality TV couple!

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