Why Did Amy Roloff From ‘Little People, Big World’ Say She’s ‘Sad’ After Christmas?

It feels like just yesterday when fans of the Roloff family first got a glimpse into their lives thanks to Little People, Big World. We’ve followed Matt and Amy Roloff for years, a couple with dwarfism who own a business together and have four children (one of whom also has a form of dwarfism). Today, their family dynamics look totally different, as Matt and Amy have divorced and the kids are all grown up with families of their own. But even so, family time is majorly important to Amy Roloff — and the holidays gave her the perfect opportunity to spend plenty of time with her kids.

It’s no secret that Amy loves Christmas, but after the holiday ended, she stated on social media that she was sad. Here’s why.

Amy’s sad the anticipation of Christmas is over

Amy loves any chance she can get with all of her four children together, so of course she loves Christmas. On her Instagram, she posted an adorable photo of her with all the kids we’ve come to know over the years, like twins Jeremy and Zach as well as the younger Roloffs, Molly and Jacob. Not only that, but Jeremy and Zach’s wives and children were in attendance, and Amy’s boyfriend, Chris Marek, was also enjoying spending time with Amy’s side of the family. “Christmas… no gift is as precious as Jesus… then being around those you love… my kids and grandkids and Chris,” Amy captioned the photo.

It seems Amy had so much fun over the holidays that she never wanted it to end, however. On Twitter, she wrote, “Im kind of sad- no more Christmas carols- the anticipation of Christmas Day came and went- the opening of gifts, the gathering with family made for a memory to keep in my heart- the happy part- the gift of Christmas-.” We’re sure it’s difficult rallying all the Roloffs together, so it seems she may have to wait until next year for everyone to gather again.

Her divorce from Matt has also made the holidays more difficult for her

Amy and Matt just divorced in 2016, so the holidays as a divided family are still new to her. For that reason, the season can be tough. In Touch Weekly recalls one episode of Little People, Big World, where Amy was discussing how difficult it was having the kids split their time between Matt and her for Thanksgiving. “Going through a divorce, this is really going to be my first Thanksgiving without anybody here, like no family,” she said in the episode. “I’m torn as to what to do because I have never had to deal with this. It is a tough life moment for me right now.”

There’s also Jeremy and Zach’s new families to consider. Now that the twins are both married, they’ve been spending a lot of time at their in-laws for the holidays, making it even more difficult for Amy to gather everyone together.

Her Christmas photos with her boyfriend have fans asking if she’s getting remarried

Despite the difficulties of divorce and the Roloff kids growing up way too fast, Amy looked like she thoroughly enjoyed her most recent Christmas — especially because her loving boyfriend, Chris, was around for the celebrations. Fans loved this Instagram photo of the happy couple in their pajamas around the Christmas tree. And In Touch Weekly also noted that she participated in one of her favorite holiday traditions: completely a 1,000 piece puzzle.

Her Christmas card with Chris as well as all of her photos over the season have many fans wondering if the wedding bells will be ringing again for Amy soon. CafeMom notes plenty of her followers have left comments asking about a future marriage. “So when is the wedding Amy?” one anxious follower asked. Another questioned, “When are you getting married.” Perhaps fans think they’ll hurry the process if they put the pressure on.

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