Why Did Bethenny Frankel Have a Breakdown on ‘RHONY?’

Dorinda Medley from The Real Housewives of New York City had good reason to worry that Bethenny Frankel was going to have a heart attack on a trip to Miami.

Although Frankel was just along for the ride, she somehow became the unofficial “party mom” on the Miami trip. She was constantly occupied with concern over Sonja Morgan’s excessive drinking but was also dealing with some self-centered behaviors from other cast members.

Bethenny Frankel |Photo by El Pics/Getty Images

Ramona Singer made it all about her at one point, but it was Luann de Lesseps who pushed Frankel over the breaking point. She became unglued during dinner and there was no going back.

Everybody had enough

Frankel was the one to break down, but the entire cast had enough of hearing about de Lesseps’ and her cabaret career. And while de Lesseps seemed very self-centered during the trip, the pressure had been building for some time.

When de Lesseps started drinking again, it was Frankel and friend Barbara Kavovit who picked up their friend again. Earlier in the season, Frankel was dealing with the loss of boyfriend Dennis Shields. But she rallied to be by de Lesseps’ side to make special arrangements for rehab.

But post-rehab, de Lesseps acted annoyed that Frankel was given a certain room at Blue Stone Manor. She even mocked and make derogatory comments about Frankel to the other women. Plus she didn’t act concerned when Sonja Morgan cried after attending an AA meeting with her. She was more upset she missed getting her hair done after ditching the women for a swim.

You are ‘insufferable’

The final straw came during dinner when Tinsley Mortimer slurred her words. This set de Lesseps off as she clearly mocked her. That’s when something turned for Frankel.

Frankel lashes out at de Lesseps for using her sobriety to look down on others. She also points out that Shields endlessly helped de Lesseps, meanwhile, she didn’t seem overly concerned about Frankel’s loss. “I did your intervention while my guy died of a drug overdose,” Frankel shouts. “You never checked in on Dennis, not once!”

During the dinner, Frankel even leaks how bad de Lesseps’ behavior became when she was drinking. “Everyday it’s about you!” she yelled. “I took weeks of my life for you! I had lawyers come to your house on a Sunday, I spoke to your kids, I sat outside your driveway to make sure you didn’t drive your car, you almost crashed your boat and killed your friends.”

But it becomes too much

Even though Frankel’s delivery begins in control she clearly breaks down to the point that has Medley worried. Frankel is gasping for air as she continues to remind de Lesseps that she thinks of no one but herself. Meanwhile, others, including Kavovit who de Lesseps has dropped, are there to put their lives on hold to pick de Lesseps back up.

During Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen, Medley and Morgan address why Frankel was overwhelmed. “It was overwhelming but as I told everyone, she said what we were all feeling,” Medley tells host Andy Cohen.

Cohen then asks if her break was about more than Luann.”Oh, it was a lot more than Luann,” Medley adds. “Listen, Bethenny had been going through so much. And she’s been dealing with so much death. She started filming three weeks after he died and all Lu could do was talk about herself the whole time. And I don’t think Bethenny ever realized she was suffering.”

Morgan adds Frankel was also worried about everyone else too. “And this was ‘enough is enough’ and it was definitely more than the Luann thing,” Medley adds.

She thinks the women are bullying her

“I’m dealing with a bunch of gangsters,” de Lesseps said about the confrontation in an RHONY After Show clip. “It’s Lu against the motley crew.” But when a producer asks de Lesseps about how she mocked Mortimer accidentally slurring her words, de Lesseps had no remorse. “That was no accident,” she laughs.

Frankel points out during the dinner that de Lesseps doesn’t change. She has a point. When de Lesseps was engaged to Tom D’Agostino, Frankel and the other women tried to tell her D’Agostino cheated on her. But de Lesseps wouldn’t hear of it, but rather kept insisting the women were jealous of her. Sounds like the same broken record once again.