Why Did Demi Lovato and Henry Levy Break Up?

Working on a relationship after almost losing your life from a drug overdose usually isn’t what the doctor ordered to keep yourself in good mental shape. Even if Demi Lovato could benefit from having love in her life, she ultimately broke up with her recent boyfriend, Henry Levy.

Outside of this downbeat news, she’s reportedly doing very well on her road back to sobriety. A lot of things are happening to her, so what’s the real reason for her romantic breakup?

Let’s adhere to the new philosophy that you don’t always need a significant other to help you improve yourself. We think Lovato keeps proving this as time goes on.

When did Lovato and Levy first meet?

If you were paying attention to what Demi Lovato did after recovering from her drug overdose last summer, you’d know she apparently didn’t have a steady boyfriend at the time it happened.

She and Henry Levy (a fashion designer) met several months after Lovato was released from the hospital. As E! Online reports, they started dating in November when spotted dining in a Beverly Hills sushi restaurant. Lovato even posted an Instagram Story showing how serious it was.

Perhaps this was good for her as a rebound in her life. However, as most relationships progress, you usually end up feeling like you’re on a rollercoaster.

Lovato decided to enter treatment for a second time

It’s a shame the minute news comes out about someone reentering rehab, the public automatically assumes the star in question fell off the sobriety wagon.

When Lovato went back into treatment in November for a few weeks, everyone started to think she was back to her old ways. This wasn’t true and it was only done out of precaution to avoid a relapse.

In our view, it was smart to take time out for treatment before something serious happened again. After dealing with mental illness above her addiction troubles, Lovato’s always walking a tightrope when trying to live everyday life.

Her treatment for mental health reasons precipitated her split with Levy.

Taking time for herself

We’re starting to see more celebrities realize that time for yourself is often more important than putting in work nurturing a relationship with someone. Many might argue it’s still good to have a significant other to help you through addiction.

On the other hand, Lovato and Levy seemed too casual in their relationship to take on her battles. Instead, she’s adhering to the trend of taking time for herself to ensure she’s healthy before making any other life moves.

She’s doing numerous healthy things while recovering mentally. At the six-month mark of her sobriety, she got a tattoo. Plus, she started working on new music, including surrounding herself with positive people to avoid triggers.

Music therapy

Demi Lovato
Demi Lovato performs at Manchester Arena | Shirlaine Forrest/Getty Images

Most of us know music is a major form of therapy for a lot of people. Spending time with it can help keep you focused and feel fulfilled when other temptations get in the way.

Rumors are already brewing about Lovato possibly joining The Jonas Brothers on tour this summer. Even if she doesn’t, the evidence shows music is a big part of Lovato’s recovery, including working out often.

We’ll also see if she adheres to what Taylor Swift often does and use her songs as a form of therapy. Levato processing how she relapsed last year may become a big part of her songwriting, likely with encouragement from her music team to share these thoughts in lyric form.

As always, we’re pulling for her. She’s making one of the greatest concerted efforts of anyone who came so close to self-destruction.