Why Did Janelle Brown Throw Shade at ‘Seeking Sister Wife’ Cast Members?

Janelle Brown, wife number two for plural family patriarch Kody Brown, has some serious reservations about two members of the Seeking Sister Wife cast. The mother of six took to Twitter to throw shade at the show’s stars when the topic of physical intimacy came up. While Janelle failed to call out specific cast members, everyone can ascertain that she was referencing the Snowden family, whose lead up to sex between Dimitri and prospective sister wife, Vanessa, was documented in cringe-worthy detail. 

Janelle Brown is old school about intimacy

While Brown lives an alternative lifestyle, she maintains some pretty strict moral beliefs about physical intimacy. Janelle, who married Kody Brown in 1993 believes that physical affection should wait until the couple enters marriage – or a spiritual union.

According to In Touch, Janelle took issue with the fact that the couple focused on physical intimacy before comittment. While it may not be in line with Janelle’s beliefs, the Snowden family isn’t approaching plural marriage for religious purposes. Ashley and Dimitri are interested in plural marriage for procreation and companionship. They do not share the same religious beliefs as the Brown family or other families featured on shows that explore plural marriage.

Is Janelle just projecting issues from her own marriage?

It’s possible that Janelle was so offended because the topic of physical intimacy is a tough one in her own marriage. Rumors have swirled that Kody Brown, Janelle’s husband is rarely intimate with wives number one through three, while his most recent bedfellow gets the lion’s share of his attention.

According to Soap Dirt, Janelle and Kody make better friends than lovers. In fact, she appears to be the lowest maintenance of the sister wives; requiring far less attention from Kody than the others in the family. It is rumored that Janelle entered a plural marriage with Kody so she could have children and a career. Essentially, Janelle was after the support of sister wives, not necesserily the affection of Kody. If that’s true, Kody is merely a means to an end, and not Janelle’s focus.

Is there a right or wrong way to do plural marriage?

Fans of both Sister Wives and Seeking Sister Wife took to Twitter to discuss Janelle’s commentary on her fellow plural marriage followers. Supporters pointed out that there is no right or wrong way to approach these types of marriages. While the majority of individuals who enter into plural marriages do so for religious reasons, there are a host of circumstances that may make plural marriage appealing to some couples.

Plural marriage is cited throughout history, but the Mormon religion is perhaps most commonly associated with the practice. According to How Stuff Works, Mormons officially stopped practicing plural marriage in the 1800s, but fringe groups continued polygamist lifestyles. Those who wish to practice polgamy are excommunicated from the Chruch of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.