Why Did Jessa Have to Defend Joy-Anna Forsyth on Her Son’s First Birthday?

Did Joy-Anna Forsyth forget her son’s first birthday? Absolutely not, insists big sister Jessa Duggar. Joy-Anna started some Instagram drama when she posted a photo that suggested she and her husband, Austin were out of town. The couple’s only child, Gideon’s birthday happened to fall over the weekend, and fans were disgruntled that the pair would skip town, leaving Gideon on his own for his big day.

While Joy-Anna may have been shamed for her decision to hit the town solo, her big sister Jessa had her back. Jessa Seewald clapped back at the haters for Joy-Anna. The pregnant mother of 2 is no stranger to internet drama herself. Seewald has been shamed multiple times since becoming a mother to Spurgeon, 3 and Henry, 2.

Why did fans mom-shame Joy-Anna Forsyth?

Joy and husband Austin Forsyth may be married now, but they are still young adults who are in love and want to spend time together. Fans of Counting On, however, dogpiled on Joy-Anna when she mentioned that she and Forsyth were out of town for the weekend without Gideon in tow.

Gideon, who turned one on February 23rd, stayed back in Arkansas with Austin’s parents while Joy and Austin reconnected at a couple’s retreat. The photo, which merely showed the pair smiling together, prompted a litany of fan reactions. Several fans freaked out when they realized the couple’s’ child-free getaway happened to fall on Gideon’s birthday weekend.

Where did Joy and Austin go?

Joy and Austin attended the Living United Couple’s Retreat. According to the ministry’s website, the retreat, which took place on February 22nd and 23rd, intends to help couples communicate more effectively. There were a variety of seminars offered, including workshops on how to fight effectively, and how to prepare to homeschool children.

The retreat was held by Living United Ministries, a Baptist group. The ministry’s headquarters are in Springfield, Missouri, but they host conferences and retreats in several locations. The Adventure Awaits Retreat, the specific retreat that Joy and Austin attended, was held in Branson, Missouri.

Branson, Missouri is just an hour and a half from the couple’s home in Springdale, Arkansas. Joy noted on her Instagram page that they had every intention of celebrating Gideon’s birthday when they arrived home on the afternoon of February 23.

Jessa jumped to Joy’s defense

After fans jumped on Joy and mom-shamed her for failing to spend the weekend with her birthday boy, older sister Jessa jumped to her defense. Jessa called out the Instagram haters and assured her little sister that all was well.

Jessa commented that Gideon wasn’t going to know if they celebrated late and called out Instagram haters for suggesting Joy-Anna somehow forgot her son was turning one. Joy-Anna, however, did make it home in time to say happy birthday on Gideon’s actual birthday. On February 23, she posted a picture of the newly-minted one-year-old wearing  with his parents.

Jessa has been shamed in the past

Jessa was quick to jump to Joy’s defense because she’s been mom-shamed in the past, too. In November 2017 Jessa was shamed for giving her son Henry, 8-months at the time, the last sips of her Starbuck’s drink. Fans were disturbed that Henry was pictured without a car seat with the Starbuck’s cup in hand, according to OK! Magazine.

Just a year later, fans were furious when Jessa cut Henry’s hair for the first time. According to In Touch, Jessa dealt with Instagram fans who thought her cutting procedure was dangerous to the young child. Other fans suggested that maybe taking Henry to a professional stylist would have been a good option.

Jessa, however, doesn’t seem to mind the haters. The reality star regularly responds to comments and has no problem putting nay-sayers in their place. She was apparently happy to help her little sister shut down the fans, too.