Why Did Kardashian Fans Immediately Turn on Tristan When He Cheated, But Forgave Scott?

Even the beautiful Kardashian women have relationship drama. And when they deal with cheating, the whole world knows about it.

Scott Disick and Tristan Thompson have both been accused of being unfaithful. But for some reason, the public seems more willing to forgive Disick. We recently learned that there may be some important reasons for the difference in the way the men are treated by fans. 

Scott Disick was accused of cheating on Kourtney Kardashian

Scott Disick
Scott Disick | Sam Tabone/WireImage

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Kourtney Kardashian dated Disick for nearly nine years. The couple have three children together, but their relationship was filled with constant turmoil.

During their time together, Disick was accused of cheating several times. The first was shown during season one of KUWTK, when Kourtney found a text on Disick’s phone from a contact labeled, “My Wife.” 

Understandably, Kourtney was hurt and confused. She ended the relationship for a short time, but they eventually worked through the issue, and got back together. 

Over the next few years, Disick dealt with addiction and a love for partying. There were almost constant rumors that he was being unfaithful to Kourtney, but nothing was ever proven as fact. Eventually, it got to be too much for Kourtney and the couple called it quits for good around 2015. 

Tristan Thompson was accused of cheating on Khloé Kardashian

Cleveland NBA player, Thompson dated Khloé Kardashian in 2018. The couple seemed happy together, and they were even expecting a new baby. However, just as Khloé went into labor, it was reported by The Daily Mail that Thompson had been seen with another woman. 

A devastated Khloe gave birth amidst all the drama. The couple broke up for a short time after the birth. But with a new baby, Khloe wanted the best chance for her new family, so she gave Thompson another shot.

Unfortunately, the relationship continued to be plagued by cheating rumors. Then, when their daughter, True, was nearly a year old, Thompson was caught kissing a family friend.

He was seen with Jordyn Woods, who was Kylie Jenner’s best friend. The scandal not only tore Khloe and Thompson apart, but Khloe’s sister also lost her best friend. 

Why do fans forgive Scott Disick but not Tristan Thompson?

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Both couples are no longer together. But since they share children with their Kardashian partners, Disick and Thompson continue to be around the family. Especially Disick, who is a regular on KUWTK, and has become a fan favorite. 

Recently, a fan on Reddit pointed out that both couples seem closer than ever, and may be headed toward reconciliation. Strangely, fans seem excited about the idea of Disick and Kourtney getting back together, but horrified at the idea of Khloe and Thompson. In a Reddit thread about the issue, fans discussed why that might be. 

“We kinda have ‘history’ with Scott,” one fan pointed out. “He was around from the start. We got to know him. He was entertaining even when he was shitty. We saw him cry, we saw him happy. It was obvious he cared about Kourtney… But Tristan is just some guy who cheated on Khloe. Multiple times. We don’t know anything about him other than that.”

Another fan shared a similar theory. “We “know” Scott much better than we know Tristan so there will always be a bias,” they wrote. 

Others pointed out that Disick was never actually caught in the act. He only faced rumors. Unlike Thompson, who had the details about his affairs printed in the news. “We were also showed a very curated side of Scott’s cheating and infidelity,” one fan wrote. 

The general consensus seemed to be that fans preferred Disick simply because they had come to know him better through the reality show. He has been a part of KUWTK since the very first season, so fans have a relationship with him, and they understand him better. Thompson just doesn’t have that connection with fans.