Why Did Lauren Conrad From ‘The Hills’ Feel Like a Bad Mom?

The world was first introduced to Lauren Conrad in 2004 on MTV’s Laguna Beach: The Real OC. Soon the loveable and sassy teenager was making her way into America’s heart and MTV decided to cast her in a spin-off series called The Hills. Since that time, Lauren has made quite a name for herself. While staring on The Hills, we got to learn more about Lauren and watch her as she tried to tackle the crazy and sometimes hectic world of fashion. 

Now that it has been almost nine years since the hit MTV show has gone off the air, Lauren has made quite a name for herself as New York Times bestselling author and a fashion designer. It seems like any project that Lauren touches, instantly turns into gold.

While she is crushing it in the professional world, she sometimes struggles with being perfect in her personal life. Recently, Lauren had opened up about the fact that when it comes to her child, she has felt like a bit of failure. So, what is it about Lauren’s parenting skills that could possibly make her doubt her abilities as a mother? Keep reading to find out. We have all of the details and more.

How many kids does Lauren Conrad have?

Lauren Conrad
Lauren Conrad | Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic

After her time on The Hills was over, Lauren met a law school graduate named William Tell. The two dated for two years before getting married on September 13, 2014.  Then, in 2017, they welcomed a beautiful baby boy named Liam James Tell. The proud parents chose the little bundle of joy’s name because they wanted to name him after strong male figures in their family. The name Liam is the second half of Lauren’s husband’s name, William, and according to E NewsJames is the name of Lauren’s father.

Recently, Lauren announced on Instagram that Liam will soon be a big brother. William and Lauren did not announce when their second child is expected to be here, but being that she announced the happy news in April, and most people like to wait at least 12 weeks before they announce a pregnancy, there is speculation that the newest addition of the Tell family will arrive sometime between September and October of this year.

Why did Lauren Conrad feel like a bad mom?

In addition to being a very talented fashion designer, Lauren has found that most new skills that she has tried to master throughout her life have, for the most part, just come naturally. However, when she became a parent, she quickly realized that the one thing that didn’t come too easy for her was breastfeeding.

During one of Lauren’s recent episodes of her podcast, Lauren Conrad: Asking for a Friend, she had admitted to her listeners that when her son was around four months old, she started noticing that she had a lot of difficulties producing enough milk to adequately feed her child. Lauren had told her audience that when she realized that her body was unable to produce enough milk, she felt “ashamed” and like a “bad mom.”

“I felt like I was failing at something that should come really naturally and it was really difficult for me,” Lauren had said on her podcast.

Why Lauren Conrad is a great mother

We can see how it would certainly be disheartening for Lauren to not be able to produce enough breast milk for her baby, however, that in no way makes her a “bad mom.” In fact, a recent study found that nearly 35% percent of women who stop breastfeeding their baby earlier than usual, do it because they have insufficient production of breast milk. This is actually a common problem that some mothers can face in as little as a couple of weeks after their baby is born.

There are many reasons why women may experience low milk production. We are not sure why Lauren faced this problem, but no matter the reason, we are glad that she was able to get past it and raise a healthy and happy baby boy, who is just a couple months shy of his second birthday.