Why Did Lori Loughlin Delete Her Instagram?

It’s been a trying couple of days for Lori Loughlin. Yesterday, the actress was indicted in a supposed college admissions scam. Loughlin, along with over 40 people, was involved in using unethical means to get her children into college. Several prestigious universities like Yale, University of Southern California, Stanford, and Georgetown were targeted in the scheme.

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Loughlin and her husband Mossimo Giannulli are accused of paying $500,000 in bribes in order for their daughters to be recruits on the University of Southern California rowing team.

If the claims are true, Loughlin and Giannulli must not have thought this scheme all the way through because their daughters didn’t even participate in rowing activities before being accepted into school, so anyone paying even a little attention to the situation would have known something was up.

Yesterday, a statement detailing the accusations was released by the
U.S. Attorney’s Office in Massachusetts.

“Dozens of individuals involved in a nationwide conspiracy that facilitated cheating on college entrance exams and the admission of students to elite universities as purported athletic recruits were arrested by federal agents in multiple states and charged in documents unsealed on March 12, 2019, in federal court in Boston.”

Loughlin deletes her Instagram

The backlash for Loughlin’s participation in what is now being dubbed as “Operation Varsity Blues” was swift.

People took to social media to bash the actress as both a parent and a person.

“Your mother is a pathetic piece of garbage,” one user commented on an Instagram post that Loughlin’s daughter, Olivia Jade, posted. “She should be so proud of herself for trying to pay off school to get you there because obviously, you’re not smart enough to do that. I hope she rots in a prison cell. It makes me sick when people with money think they can buy anyone off it just proves that justice will be served.”

“Now you know your mother thinks you are so dumb, that she had to PAY the school a BRIBE to get you in,” another person wrote. “Shame you couldn’t get in on your own merit. and your parents knew it.”

Full House to Orange is the New Black,” another user said.

Though most of the commentary on social media has been negative, a few people have come to Loughlin’s defense.

“You would think they killed someone,” one person wrote. “People need to put it in perspective. And stop the bullying! Yes what they did was wrong but so is absolutely smashing them with hateful comments. Not necessary. “

Loughlin has since deleted her Instagram page. Whether it’s due to all of the harassment or if she would rather remain as lowkey as possible while the investigation goes on, is unknown. She previously had 1.9 million followers and around 1,500 posts. Now, when anyone clicks on her page, it says that the user cannot be found.

Her other daughter, Isabella, has also made her Instagram page private.

Giannulli and Loughlin are currently in custody.

Besides the couple, SAT/ACT administrators, an exam proctor, nine coaches, one college administrator, and parents have been arrested, according to the US Attorney for Massachusetts, Andrew Lelling.

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