Why Did So Many People Believe Meghan Markle Was Having Twins?

It’s an exciting time not only for the royal family but for the entire world as well. We have waited for months for the arrival of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s baby, and Archie Harrison is finally here. The newborn is absolutely adorable, and fans just can’t wait to see even more pictures of him.

The sleeping child that was in Harry’s arms as he made his debut at St. George’s Hall of Windsor Castle is no doubt going to be loved by his entire family. He is precious and sweet, and we all know that Meghan and Harry will make amazing parents.

Fans are already speculating as to when the Duke and Duchess of Sussex will have their second child, although there were many that thought Meghan would be having twins before Archie was born. Why did so many people believe the duchess was having more than one baby?

Twins are exciting

Meghan Markle
Meghan Markle | Max Mumby/Indigo/Getty Images

We can just imagine the excitement that would be running wild if Meghan and Harry had stepped in front of the cameras holding not one, but two babies. It would have been such an amazing surprise, and there are no two people that we can think of who would be better parents to two babies. Although we look forward to watching little Archie grow up and reach important milestones, fans couldn’t help but envision just how much fun it would be to watch two children at once.

There were some favorable odds

Given that Meghan is 37 years old, the odds were somewhat higher that she would give birth to twins. Many times when couples seek IVF or other fertility measures — there are no reports confirming the royal couple went down this route — they end up with twins. And, whenever there is a slight chance that something as exciting as twins could happen to a high-profile couple, the news media goes wild. Everyone was keeping their fingers crossed, and hoping the odds indeed were in Meghan’s favor.

Meghan Markle’s baby bump seemed to grow overnight

There are times when we have months to speculate over whether a celebrity or a royal family member is indeed expecting a baby. Rumors begin circulating, yet it always takes a while before the news is confirmed and we start to see a famous baby bump get even bigger. Soon after Meghan and Harry shared the joyous news that they were going to become parents, Meghan’s baby bump began to blossom. She was getting bigger before our very eyes, leading many to believe that she was pregnant with twins.

Prince Harry made an interesting comment

Even Harry knew that Meghan had quite a big bump going on! At a royal event, he claimed that his unborn child was already pretty heavy, and fans assumed that he was keeping a wonderful secret. Most likely, people were waiting for the couple to reveal even more exciting news, that it wasn’t one baby, but two.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry love children

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex are famously fond of children, and they have an amazing way of connecting with them. Meghan and Harry have even broken royal protocol at times and hugged young royal fans. Children love them as well and can be seen in photographs with excited smiles when they have the honor of meeting the royal couple.

Why did many believe that Meghan Markle was having twins?

Because if one baby brings joy to the world, then two can bring even more. Given the signs, it was natural that there would be the talk of twins. Even though Meghan and Harry only welcomed one child this time around, the world could not be happier for them. Perhaps, in due time, the couple will announce a second pregnancy, and the world will be on twin watch once more.