Why Did These Hollywood Celebs Sue Their Parents?

Although being a Hollywood celebrity looks glamorous with the fancy cars, extravagant parties, successful ventures, and being adored by millions of fans worldwide, there’s a darker side to fame.

Substance abuse is seen as the darkest part of a star’s life, but there’s something some consider to be much worse. Being betrayed by the ones you love the most, the ones you trust the most, and the ones who are always suppose to have your back no matter what — your family.

Let’s take a look at several stars who had to take their own flesh and blood to court.

Rihanna is suing her father

The Work singer and mastermind behind the raved about cosmetics line, Fenty, is in the process of suing her father. Rihanna just filed a federal lawsuit in California that alleges her father has been using her trademarked brand name without her permission. Her dad has been using it as a marketing tool to exploit RiRi’s success for his personal gain since 2017.

Ronald Fenty and partner, Moses Joktan Perkins, opened Fenty Entertainment LLC, misrepresenting their associations with the wildly famous singer and infringing on her trademark. The company has allegedly tried to book concerts without her permission and have made millions off of her hard earned success. Rihanna is seeking an unspecified amount of damages and for an injunction against her father’s use of the Fenty title.

Kim, Kourtney, Khloe, and Rob Kardashian sued their ex-stepmom

The Kardashian siblings sued their ex-stepmom Ellen Pearson over their father’s personal belongings back in 2013. The suit alleged that their “slippery snake” of a stepmother retained possession of personal items that were rightfully theirs based on their father’s will and copyright protection. Belongings kept included his diaries and photographs.

Pearson ended up selling off the diaries, adding fuel to the fire and resulting in a $500,000 lawsuit that the siblings felt no remorse over. Ultimately the items were returned, but the other details of the settlement have been kept under wraps.

Kobe Bryant sued his parents

Kobe Bryant sued his parents for trying to auction off hundreds of his things without permission in 2013. When Bryant caught wind that Goldin, a sport’s auction leader, had intentions of selling items that his mother gave to the company he immediately filed a lawsuit against them. While some of the messier details were kept secret, it came out that Pamela, Bryant’s mother, received a $450,000 advance for the items. His parents intended to use the money to get themselves a home in Las Vegas.

A settlement was reached, and Bryant allowed his parents to sell off six items as opposed to the hundreds that were initially up for grabs. Despite the drop in items, it was some of the most valuable merchandise that remained a part of the deal. The basketball star’s worth so much that the loss of $500,000 in potential funds was barely a drop in the bucket.

Drew Barrymore sued her mother

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At the tender age of 14 Hollywood’s sweetheart, Drew Barrymore, was emancipated from her mother. The two had a turbulent relationship starting before she was even a year old. Barrymore’s mother had the talented child pour all of her energy into acting, taking her to the studio instead of school. Without a childhood Barrymore went off the rails, causing her mom to institutionalize her because she and others began to consider young Barrymore “damaged goods.”

With an unsalvageable relationship at the time, her mother stood behind her 100%, and the judge emancipated her without argument. He did impart some wise words before lowering the gavel though, “I can turn the clock forward, but I can never turn it back. Are you ready for that?” This story at least has a happy ending — the young Barrymore has been able to reconcile with her mother.

‘The Situation’ sued his father

Mike Sorrentino, best known as The Situation from the Jersey Shore sued his father in 2011 for copyright infringement. Sorrentino’s dad, Frank Sorrentino, posted a series of controversial videos targeting him on his website. The videos feature the father figure bashing his son, calling him selfish, a deserter, as well as some more profane names. Considering “The Situation’s” net worth it isn’t surprising he refused to take the slander lying down.

He went after his dad for illegally using his name to ride his coattails —suing for $75,000 and the site’s removal. Ultimately the suit was dropped and ended in a formal apology from father to son.